Full-time nursery for 6 month old baby in Fulham?

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DoMyBest Tue 25-Nov-14 19:46:17

Can anyone recommend a nursery in Fulham (ideally near parsons green but I doubt I can be fussy) which starts BEFORE a child turns one, ie for babies? We've just moved from a country where the state pays for nurseries from anything from 2 months onwards only to discover, now we're in London, not only that I'm pregnant again but that nurseries for babies are virtually unheard of (all the ones we've heard of - like Pippa Poppins, Les Chatons, etc start age 2). All recommendations for a working mother (please don't judge and reply with lots of posts about how childcare before the age of two is evil etc...) most welcome smile Oh and we definitely prefer the idea of nursery to a childminder (again, please don't judge, its such a personal choice) because we love the idea of all the social interaction with other children and activities etc.

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PatriciaHolm Tue 25-Nov-14 22:58:06

Little people of Fulham on the lillie road will take them. Mine adored their time there.

DoMyBest Wed 26-Nov-14 08:08:46

Oooh great, thanks PatriciaHolm: I'm calling them all today.

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HSMMaCM Wed 26-Nov-14 09:42:34

Your local authority might be able to provide you with a list of all the nurseries in your area. trying not to go on about how many children my mindees socialise with every day There should be quite a few who take under 1s.

DoMyBest Wed 26-Nov-14 11:16:46

Thanks HSMMaCM - I didn't think of that as the UK doesn't have public nurseries (I think?) but what a great idea. And yes I know children with child minders and nannies also have very sociable and interactive lives, I promise - I just really like the crèche culture (its a French education thing, which is what am used to).
Have also, since, discovered 3 nurseries near us that take babies from at least 3 months: Treetops, Little Tug Boat and The Madisson. Phew.

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