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Nurseries in South Norwood/Woodside SE25

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lubbalubba Mon 10-Nov-14 09:16:19

Hi all

Can anyone recommend a good nursery in South Norwood SE25?

We're down the bottom/Woodside end - I've seen a couple of recommendations for places up nearer Crystal Palace, but none down nearer us. If it comes to it we'll travel further afield but would rather not schlep the kids too far if we can avoid it.

Any tips much appreciated!

meadowquark Fri 28-Nov-14 15:08:42

How old is your child? Mulberry Kindergarten is considered excellent, but we never got a place, it is so overscubscribed. I chose Monmar as they do extended hours 7:30-6:30 - nothing special but was OK. Crosfield nursery is excellent if you are looking for full-time preschool from 3yo. The nursery in Crowther road (forgot the name) has new owners I believe, so perhaps worth looking at. My friend takes her kid to a preschool on the back of South Norwood primary, she is happy. So lots of options as you can see!

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