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Colchester nursery

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estobi1 Wed 04-Oct-06 18:42:03

Has anyone got any recommendations for nurseries in the Colchester area? My dd is nearly 2. Many thanks

KATGOD Sat 21-Oct-06 05:46:25

My cousins use Baby Barns on the road to Ardleigh = they rate it

DastardlyDevilishDior Sat 21-Oct-06 08:16:22

I believe the one on Mill Road is meant to be good.

S88AHG Mon 23-Oct-06 14:45:04

Hi Chestnut House Kindergarten on Mill Road is excellent although they only do 830 to 330 I am a childminder and have been picking up from there for nearly a year and every one is really friendly and loving towards the children, Hope this helps you.

DynamicNanny Fri 17-Aug-07 17:54:29

Kiddi Caru at the Hythe is pretty good

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