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Is it worth going for our second choice nursery short-term? First choice not committing to dates!

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utopian99 Tue 23-Sep-14 10:13:07

We have a dilemma - our first choice nursery - Lloyd Park Nursery walthamstow - says that he might get a place in march but it's not guaranteed till September. He was settled with a great childminder but she's retiring in October and we've just been offered a place starting in January by our second choice nursery (a montessori - in Penryn Avenue also Walthamstow).
I was really keen on it previously but less so after visiting as it didn't seem as fun as the other, but everyone very friendly and happy in other respects and we'd like him to be able to start getting used to a nursery environment. It would only be a day a week or two mornings/afternoons and I won't need it for work as about to be on maternity leave from november with dc2, but I think it's good for him socially and in terms of attachment. Is it worth going for this one only to potentially pull him out later if the first becomes available? Have already decided it's too close to the new baby arriving to find a new cm and sort resettlement before mid November. Totally confused!
Any ideas or opinions welcome on this one!

Nolim Tue 06-Jan-15 11:36:14

I did that. My prefered nursery didnt have space when i went back to work so i used my second choice for a month and then switched to the first choice after a month or so. The worst was having two settling periods but overall we are better of with our current choice.

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