2 yo starting nursery - 1 morning or 2?

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Olaffles Fri 05-Sep-14 14:01:52

DD is just 2, oldest DD has started school so we wanted her to go to nursery we used to take oldest to whilst she still remembered staff etc. Initially I've put her in just one morning a week, but wondering if she needs 2 mornings to settle. Anyone with any experience to advise?

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insancerre Sat 06-Sep-14 08:20:28

I doubt you can do just one mornings
In our nursery we insist on a minimum of 2 sessions as 1 session is not enough to enable them to settle, form friendships and bonds with adults and children
Its not long enough either for us to monitor and assess her learning and development

Flywheel Sat 06-Sep-14 08:22:19

2 I think. It will be very hard for her to settle with just one morning a week

Tournesol Sat 06-Sep-14 08:24:03

Defo do two, one isn't enough to make friends and settle.

Only1scoop Sat 06-Sep-14 08:24:11

I would do two. Easier to settle and becomes more familiar

Littlefish Sun 07-Sep-14 22:56:18

Like insancerre, at the nursery where I work we don't offer the option of doing a single session, for all the same reasons as she gives.

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