Move dd to newly opened nursery after 3 months at current nursery?

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MrsBP Sat 30-Aug-14 16:12:23

My dd, who is now 15 months, started nursery 3 months ago doing 3 days a week. We've had the expected tears at drop off for a few weeks but she is now getting used to it and seems happy although exhausted and often fractious on pick up. It's a local nursery and a few children from our neighbourhood go and rate it as a good establishment. However 3 of the baby room carers have recently left on mat leave including the room leader and I've noticed that things there seem more chaotic recently, plus I'm really not a big fan of DD's key worker who is now the room leader.

A new nursery, part of a local chain, opens in a few weeks time. It has a kitchen on site and lovely airy rooms and good garden. From the Facebook page of this nursery chain it looks like a good organisation. Our current nursery shares a building with a theatre and is a bit cramped and shabby. Would you consider moving your child and if so how soon? Should I give things time to see if things settle at her current nursery and for the new nursery to get more established?

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scottishmummy Sat 30-Aug-14 22:05:40

No harm in visit the new nursery,see what you think.However dont be dazzled by aesthetics
If you have misgivings about current nursery talk to manager,see of it resolvable
Id be interested in staffing ration,ethos,and experience of new place

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