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what can I do? feeling helpless (sorry long story)

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Saku Thu 21-Aug-14 13:11:38

My DS(13mo) started going to a nursery. he seemed to be happy then I found issues with the nursery here
After that I found many issues as they told one day was sunny day so they removed DS all cloths except nappy for sand play out door. When they told me I asked that it was sunny but there was wind and have they applied sunscreen .. No answer they told ok next time they wont.
That day itself DS fell down having all sand scratches on his half face including eyelid bruised. They told it was sudden. angry
Then my DS got bad runny nose and a bit diarrhea(2-3 poo nappies a day). But DS was happy and playing if his nose is clean otherwise he was crying to get nose clean.
They called us within half day saying he is not feeling well. When I went they didnt open the door as always.. until they make him ready to be looked to hand over him to me at door.. when I took him home he was happily playing.
I kept him for two days as they told he may spread diarrhea and cold to other children.
After a week when he became little fine I called them and asked "Can I let him there for half day?" as DH and I both(alternatively) are stretching our holidays and work too much for looking after him, and he is happy and playing if you just sit with him or be nearby. They denied straight away that they cant let him come in as it has not been 24 hours fully for him recovered from diarrhea(as you know it doesn't go all of sudden) confused he will spread to others. This is our policy blah blah..
Now it has been two weeks DS not going to nursery which we have already paid out hard earned money registration and current month. for these 2 weeks £456 they got for doing nothing.
Before getting money they were all angels now they made my DS sick and telling us not to take him there as he will spread viruses on the name of their policies and rules regulations. they haven't let any thing legal which we can ask them our money back from these money suckers. angry

We are definitely thinking to move DS to another nursery but they dont have places till Jan and we have already stretched our jobs too much.. cant have more holidays so need to send DS to this nursery for time being and our situation they know very well that's why they they are playing well. I am feeling helpless. sad

HSMMaCM Fri 22-Aug-14 06:55:31

Most nurseries have 48 hours exclusion policies for sickness and runs, so moving won't help with that.

The other issues you could maybe ask for a meeting with his key worker to discuss.

3pigsinblanketsandasausagerole Fri 22-Aug-14 07:02:07

I don't think it's fair to say they made your ds sick. Most nurseries do have a 48 hour sickness and diarrhoea policy. It's also very common for children new to childcare to pick up lots of bugs as their immune systems aren't used to it.
I think you are right to question him playing outdoors with no clothes and no sunscreen on however.
You sound very unhappy with the setting and I think you either need to ask for a meeting with the manager or remove him

Tanith Sat 23-Aug-14 13:41:02

Would you consider another form of childcare, either a nanny or a childminder? You might be able to find someone temporarily until the other nursery has a place, or even change altogether.
It sounds as though the trust is broken with your current nursery - is it worth trying to salvage? If not, best to move your child.

Charlilou490 Sun 24-Aug-14 09:22:03

He shouldn't be playing in the sand with no clothing on really, sand does brush off of clothing.
He should definetly have had sunscreen on to be outside.

They shouldn't be excluding him due to a cold, all children get runny noses, however with the runny nappies, it is policy in all nurseries that children must be clear for 48 hours to minimise the risk of spreading any illnesses. You've already stated that the nursery have made your child unwell...if you send your child in with runny nappies that could be a tummy bug, you will risk having this spread to the other children and other parents will be saying that your child has made theirs Ill.
As for the accident, they do happen despite the staff trying to prevent them.

It does seem as though you haven't been happy since the original incident, which is why these issues seem so big to you.
Have a look around for another form of childcare such as a childminder, or look further out for a nursery that can take him sooner.

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