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Looking Glass Nursery, Tooting

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zosa122 Mon 11-Aug-14 15:59:46

I wanted to give some positive feedback on Looking Glass Nursery as I feel it gets bad press on this site.
My daughter, aged 20 months has been attending full time since the start of May this year. She is naturally a social child, as she has 3 older brothers, so the slightly bigger room intake did not bother me at all. (I also think the larger room sizes prepare children for the increased pupil-teacher ratio at primary schools). I have seen her blossom in the last 3 months, both in her language development and her interaction with both other children and the everyone that works there.
I find all members of staff friendly, responsive and efficient with a real apparent love of their work. My daughter has had a list ailments over the last few weeks including eczema and conjunctivitis for which she has needed various creams and eye drops and administration of these has been prompt and thorough as I have assessed from her quick recovery times. And I should know, as I am a registered nurse.
There is plenty of stimulating activities for the children - My daughter loves the yoga classes and weekly theatre bugs session. My only, very slight grumble, would be that I would love there to be a foreign language added to the weekly rota.
The garden is fantastic and I do not think there is another to match it, comparing to some other nursuries I have viewed in the area. In the recent hot weather, as well as applying the sun tan cream and dishing out sun hats, the staff have sectioned off the gardens so that the children only play in the shade. It is real pleasure to see them all eating their tea in the cool shade of the beautiful overhanging trees, when I go to collect her.
We love it and feel we have made the best choice for our daughter.

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