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Nurseries in Saddleworth?

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ThePerfectNegroni Tue 05-Aug-14 21:57:12

We are moving to Saddleworth and need to find a nursery for our nearly two year old son.

Can anybody recommend a nursery near Uppermill?

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ExitPursuedByAKoalaBear Tue 05-Aug-14 23:43:00

Squee! Clicked on unanswered messages and there you were. Where are you moving from?

Dd went to Saddleworth Nursery which is in Scouthead, but that was a while ago as she is 14 now.

ThePerfectNegroni Wed 06-Aug-14 05:52:09

Moving from central manchester to Uppermill.

The nearest nursery, Stepping Stones, has been downgraded to requires improvement (3), in every area, and I had phoned them up about six months ago and the person I spoke to wasn't very friendly. I wondered if others had any other opinions.

Others we are wanting to look round are
Swan Meadow Cottage- the one in Delph, not Denshaw
The Old Fire Station- Mossley
Diggle Day Nursery

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animaniac Wed 06-Aug-14 06:18:44

I've heard mixed reports about Swan Meadow - one friend happy, another not so much. My DS goes to Jeffreys Corner and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Brownsauce83 Wed 06-Aug-14 06:25:20

I've not heard anything good about Stepping Stones. It doesn't look great from the outside.

My DD has been at Diggle Day Nursery for about a year and loves it. The staff have been great and they have a lovely outdoor area.

I've heard positive things about Swan Meadow and have friends who use Jeffreys Corner and really like it.

Brownsauce83 Wed 06-Aug-14 06:26:15

Have a few friends who use the fire station too and really like it.

goodtoesnaughtytoes Wed 06-Aug-14 06:45:46

Swan Meadow is meant to be lovely. I would send my 2 year old there if we lived closer but she goes to Fire Station Day nursery. I would advise to go and look around a few because they are very different. Fire Station is very big and is 'all singing all dancing'. I have recently visited Dorothy May in Lydgate and Saddleworth Stars in Scouthead. Both a lot smaller and I actually prefer Fire Station because it is very modern with lots of different rooms and facilities.

ThePerfectNegroni Wed 06-Aug-14 06:52:29

Thanks for the advice- who knew id get so many replies before 7am! I'd not looked at the ones in lydgate/ scout head as they are a bit far out.

A friend has had her son at Swan Meadow in Denshaw not the one in Delph and loved it. animaniac what were you friends concerns who weren't happy about it?

I couldn't see opening times of any of the nurseries. DSs current place us open 7-6, but I'll doubt we'll find this out in saddleworth.

We are definitely going to book in with a few. We are moving a month before DSs 2nd birthday, so I really hope he can go straight into a toddler room rather than under twos and have to move after a month.

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animaniac Wed 06-Aug-14 07:08:33

Yes I think you will struggle with 7-6, we have 7.30 - 5.45 which is decent for the area (if I remember correctly from when I was looking round!)
Re S.M., she has concerns re staff turnover, new starters appearing without being introduced to parents, generally not great communication. But other friend likes it and I've generally had good reports.

goodtoesnaughtytoes Wed 06-Aug-14 08:44:09

Fire Station is 7:30-6pm but u can arrange earlier drop off if needed I think. Swan Meadow is in between Denshaw and Delph. If you are working you should look at what route you will take and see which nurseries are logistically possible eg if you are going to Oldham then you will drive past Scouthead/Lydgate.

goodtoesnaughtytoes Wed 06-Aug-14 08:50:55

If you are on Facebook then join a group called Things for Sale in Saddleworth. It's a great ace to ask questions like this as the group has 5000 members all living in that area.

ThePerfectNegroni Wed 06-Aug-14 08:55:06

Thank you! Have put a request in to join it.

As for direction of travel to work, I can either go along to the a627 or out to the saddleworth junction of the m62, both take the same length of time for my journey in rush hour (according to google maps!).

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ExitPursuedByAKoalaBear Wed 06-Aug-14 11:39:47

We could organise a Saddleworth meet up at this rate!

ThePerfectNegroni Wed 06-Aug-14 12:04:59

Well I did go to the Oldham section of the local boards and saw it was dead as a do-do.

Plans booked to look around Swan Meadow and Diggle. Fire Station are calling back tomorrow.

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animaniac Wed 06-Aug-14 12:38:00

If you're going that way to work, will probably rule out lydgate/scouthead/Springhead as you would have to drive away from m62/a627 and then go back again.

ThePerfectNegroni Wed 06-Aug-14 13:21:27

That was my thoughts too and why we did the shortlist above, as they are all a maximum add on of five-ten minutes on my journey time in a morning.

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ThePerfectNegroni Wed 06-Aug-14 21:00:00

By the way I know some nurseries do discounts if you introduce new people, so if Swan Meadon, Fire Station and Diggle Day do that, then send me a message and I will mention your name on the visit.

Our current nursery gives 10% off (permanently) if you introduce somebody new to the nursery and when we joined the offer was 2 weeks free for us and 2 weeks free for whoever recommended.

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ExitPursuedByAKoalaBear Wed 06-Aug-14 22:31:29

That sounds vey cosmopolitan.

ThePerfectNegroni Thu 07-Aug-14 07:29:55

Is it? I just thought if I could get somebody a discount on their bill it would be worth it (and if I could get discount too, of course).

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Bambamb Mon 25-Aug-14 07:26:14

Hi, my son went to Fire Station and loved it there. My daughter is just about to start. How did you get on with your visits?

sassysassy12345 Sun 14-Feb-16 13:43:50

Hi there

I know this is an old thread but it mirrors a question I have so I'm hoping you will still see this!

We are moving from Manchester to Delph and I'm looking for a nursery for my 2 1/2yr old daughter. I just wondered if you'd found one and if you like it or have heard others are better etc please.

Thank you in anticipation!

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