Ng tube and nursery

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BackforGood Tue 22-Jul-14 00:47:29

Yes, of course they do.
If they've not had a tube fed child before, some might be a bit nervous (try to remember how you felt before it became an everyday thing for you....) but the vast majority will do everything they can to make it work for you and for her.
As others have said, they will need a training session from the nurse specialist (for their insurance as well as for their confidence) and will need a Care Plan written together with you, and a medical professional (probably the same nurse specialist), and you're away. smile

fackinell Tue 22-Jul-14 00:32:11

Yes, Ofsted wouldn't allow it any other way. They should do a risk assessment though, other children will naturally be curious and may want to investigate.

Heyho111 Tue 22-Jul-14 00:28:29

They do. You should have a children's nurse who is a specialist in tube feeding. She can go into the nursery to teach them what to do if the tube starts to come out - she will show them to pull it out and put it in a box. They will be given a number to ring to have a nurse to come to put a new one in. They will also teach them how to feed her using it. In wales until they are trained they are not allowed to feed them via a tube. But the nurses go out very quickly to do the training.

insancerre Wed 16-Jul-14 19:00:44

Yes they do.
I cared for a baby with a tube
He had very complex needs including epilepsy.
We just do a care plan amd make sure the right people have the right training.

Friedbrain Wed 16-Jul-14 11:15:14

Ofcourse they would...

Where are you based?

Nurseries can't discriminate you or your child

Lilslilone Wed 16-Jul-14 08:52:48

Thankyou I'll try that

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SoonToBeSix Tue 15-Jul-14 23:09:36

I don't know but you might get more help if you report your post and ask for it to be moved to special needs children.


Lilslilone Tue 15-Jul-14 23:05:33

Hi I'm new here and can't believe I've not joined before now.. So much useful information for a first time mum!

Background: My daughter is 19 months old. She was born at 33 weeks via emergency c section due to IUGR. She has chronic kidney failure which was discovered at 5 days old.

A few months ago it was decided she should be fed via ng tube as she needs a lot of fluids to keep her kidneys flushed out, more than she is able to drink, and due to poor weight gain. (Failure to thrive)

I would really like to put her into a nursery a few days a week while I work and for her to be mixing with other little ones. So my question is, do nurserys taken on children with ng tubes? I asked my health visitor today and she couldn't tell me. Really hope someone here can help me! Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this for me.

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