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DS Nursery got inadequate

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Jefferson Thu 10-Jul-14 13:44:12

DS's nursery got an inadequate and the report is damning. I felt quite upset reading it actually. They didn't mention it to any of the parents either. I've been concerned about a few things and even posted about it before but I didn't realise how bad things were. Seeing it all laid out in black and white is awful.

Am I allowed to post the ofsted report here?

We've been looking for other childcare anyway but we are really struggling. Nurseries are all full and CM's can't do the days/times I need for work.

Where do we go from here?

tak1ngchances Thu 10-Jul-14 13:51:57

God I would withdraw my child immediately, tell the other parents and insist that the nursery writes something to all of their customers.

Biscuitsneeded Thu 10-Jul-14 13:59:56

I would do the opposite of that. Were you happy with the nursery before you read the Ofsted report? Was your child happy? If yes, I don't think you need to panic unless it failed on something like safeguarding. I would highlight the main shortcomings identified by the report, see whether you think the verdict reached in each area is fair and true, talk to the nursery about what steps they plan to take to address those weaknesses, but also take the report with a huge dollop of salt. Ofsted only see a snapshot. If your child is happy, well looked-after, treated kindly and seems to be thriving I don't think you necessarily need to move him.

Softysoftlycatchymonkey Thu 10-Jul-14 14:02:13

I would do you best to remove them.

What did it fail on?

ShineSmile Thu 10-Jul-14 14:03:20

Can you post the report please?

If it's just confirmed your suspicions I would urgently look for another nursery.

Jefferson Thu 10-Jul-14 14:05:08

No honestly it wasn't just a snapshot of a bad day or on something like admin.

They completely failed safeguarding, Kids aren't monitored properly, Some were climbing on the window frames and staff didn't notice (!), lack of engagement with kids, chaotic environment, younger children are scared of the older ones, poor hygiene, dirty environment. The list goes on and on! And this was with an OFSTED inspector in the room.

The report actually said the staff just 'supervise' the children they don't support them at all. It was just awful

Jefferson Thu 10-Jul-14 14:05:57

Not sure if I should post report. Will I get into trouble?

Jefferson Thu 10-Jul-14 14:06:32

I want him out but I can't until I have some childcare provision in place

ShineSmile Thu 10-Jul-14 14:09:21

OP, as you said, that's with the inspectors there! Imagine what it us like when they are not there! (Sorry not to scare you). To me it sounds like it's a London based nursery, London nurseries are just so confident they'll fill up.

Jefferson Thu 10-Jul-14 14:10:33

It is London! How did you guess?

ShineSmile Thu 10-Jul-14 14:15:40

Because the ones I've seen so far have been rubbish hmm despite having got outstanding/good ofsted reports! So I can't imagine what others like.

Nurseries are so over subscribed that it seems to me they are just very confident that they don't need to try harder to be good, because they'll still make the same amount of money!

bucketofbathtoys Thu 10-Jul-14 14:55:27

I would write an email to the nursery manager asking for a parent consultation meeting and a list of actions they are going to undertake to reassure you. If there is no alternative, you may be stuck short term?
Is any of it safety related?

CharlesRyder Thu 10-Jul-14 15:01:36

Ofsted reports are in the public domain- for this reason. Post a link or the name of the Nursery in case anyone else is considering it!

fanjobiscuits Thu 10-Jul-14 15:10:36

Please post report. It is info in public domain so not sure how it could cause an issue?

Fairyfellowsmasterstroke Thu 10-Jul-14 15:14:06

OP - Every OFSTED report is reported on the main OFSTED website for everyone to read,

When an establishment is given its formal report OFSTED states the following:-

Under powers contained in section 14(4)(c) of the Act, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education, Children's Services and Skills in England (HMCI) requires that you XXXX (insert name of establishment) provide a copy of the report for all registered parents of all registered pupils at XXX (insert name of establishment)
Regulation six of The Education (School Inspection) (England) Regulations 2005 states that the governing body † must take 'such steps as are reasonably practicable' to ensure that the registered parents receive the report within five working days. Please be aware that this includes any registered parent who may not be living with the child.

The fact that your nursery have not provided you with a copy of the report implies that they are ashamed of the findings and trying to hide details - move your child now.

JassyRadlett Thu 10-Jul-14 15:16:16

Are you friendly with any of the other nursery parents? Would you consider a nanny share with any of them, or sign up to a nanny share website? Probably comparable to the cost of nursery.

What bit of London are you in? I know people who have kids in amazing nurseries but they are quite expensive and not as common as they should be.

AndHarry Thu 10-Jul-14 15:25:37

I was coming on to say that it's a snapshot and if you are happy with the care then ask for a meeting or letter to give detail on the actions to address the negative points, however you were already concerned and the report just confirms your worries.In this case, I would move my child as soon as I could. Put his name down on as many waiting lists as your can afford the deposits for - children move and change days all the time so even if there are a few children ahead of him in the queue they might want different hours etc. so a space could come up sooner.

ShineSmile Thu 10-Jul-14 15:32:58

Jassey, are you able to share details of any of these amazing nurseries? I'm in east London, willing to travel to north too if need be.

Jefferson Thu 10-Jul-14 16:17:53

Here's the report

Jefferson Thu 10-Jul-14 16:18:35

ShineSmile I'm also East London (obviously the report gives it away).

Messygirl Thu 10-Jul-14 16:23:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jefferson Thu 10-Jul-14 16:23:58

He's 2.9

girliefriend Thu 10-Jul-14 16:24:16

Oh dear sad that does make for a depressing read.

I would be really concerned, have you got his name down with cm and other nurserys?

WaffleWiffle Thu 10-Jul-14 16:24:49

That is pretty damning. The nursery needs new management ASAP.

Messygirl Thu 10-Jul-14 16:29:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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