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yet another change?

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mia1972 Mon 07-Jul-14 22:43:17

Dear Mumsnetters,

I have a question for you all I hope somebody can help.

DS is going to be 2 at the end of this month. He has been going to nursery for nearly 1 year now. Initially he went to a nursery in London, a fantastic caring and nurturing environment that he loved. We then moved outside London a few months ago. We were both working and and on a tight schedule and after going to see a few nurseries we chose one that at the time the new place looked a great improvement: great outdoor space, better food and enthusiastic if young staff. This feeling however was short lived and after about one month the 2 key workers left in his room there seems to be a lack of engagement amongst the staff that is left there. What's more is that my LO is not going there happily after 2 1/2 months still cries every morning and when he goes there he comes home in a really cranky state, having continuos meltdowns. This doesn't happen when he is at home with me. I have been looking at alternative nurseries in the area and I think I found a special place, not as convenient location but lovely experienced staff and really well planned activities. I however worry about moving him again, is it going to upset him even more ? He is due to change room in about 2 weeks and that is hopefully going to help as there are quite a few babies a bit younger where he currently is...I guess I just worry about how all these changes are going to affect him the possible new nursery doesn't have a place until october...

Does anyone have experience of changing 3 nurseries in a year?

Can somebody help me think this through ?

Many thanks in advance

Saku Fri 22-Aug-14 23:14:53

I think if child is not happy to go to nursery and coming distressed then he is screaming from inside that "Dont send me to that hell again for whole day!" If the new nursery is reassuring then probably new staff will entertain him very quickly and he will be happy at least for remaining days. imagine yourself to be left where you never want to be ... and it happens everyday regardless to your wish!!

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