How many different settings?

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Daisybell1 Sun 06-Jul-14 07:50:15

Can you give me your thoughts please?

I currently work 4 days a week so dd does 2 days at a childminder and 2 days at nursery (8-6). They are both excellent but dd probably prefers the childminder and she has an amazing time there. She still enjoys nursery though.

She is 3 in September and I am thinking where preschool fits into this mix. There is a local preschool which has mixed reviews, or an excellent one 15 mins away. Currently neither would work logically but I'm hoping my current pg works out (history of recurrent mc) making preschool a possibility.

3 different settings feels too much where as she copes well with the variety of 2. Is 3 too many? And if it is, which would you drop?

Even if I did have mat leave I would have to return to work afterwards, but I do have a tentative offer of a more flexible hob with shorter hours going forward.

Thank you!

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OutragedFromLeeds Sun 06-Jul-14 11:07:46

Why bother with pre-school at all? Pre-school is really just another name for nursery.

What do you think she will get from pre-school that she doesn't already get from nursery, the childminder or you?

Your nursery should be able to accept the funding so that you can use your 15 free hours there.

kimlo Sun 06-Jul-14 15:14:26

I would keep her with the two settings she is already at, especially if there's a big change like a baby coming.

If shes happy where she is there is no need to change really.

Lilaclily Sun 06-Jul-14 15:16:27

Yes keep it as it is

donkir Sun 06-Jul-14 15:19:39

It all depends on if the preschool is attached to the school you wish her to go to. It can sometimes be easier but not always to get them into the school of your choice if they attend the preschool. It's also a good way for them to make early school friendships. If this is not the case and you've chosen a different school I wouldn't bother with preschool your dd will get everything she needs from her current setting and both nursery and childminders will accept the 15hrs funding.

LIZS Sun 06-Jul-14 15:29:59

Nursery and CM should follow same EYFS curriculum so I wouldn't bother moving her yet. If she is only 3 in September you'll have the option of another year at preschool for 2015-16 by which time you'll be in a clearer position baby/work wise and can review.

Daisybell1 Sun 06-Jul-14 21:09:43

Thanks for your thoughts, yes both nursery and childminder take the vouchers. That's a good point re few changes with baby coming, I hadn't thought of that.

The preschool is attached to a school we're interested in, but she has several friends who will be going there already so it's not crucial for her to go.

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