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Nurseries in Epsom

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kirsty3282 Sat 05-Jul-14 00:57:01

I've been looking in Epsom for a nursery for my dd who is due to start part time in November (she will be a year), I have settled on Cherryfield, however am now having second thoughts about Nurseries in general and am wondering if I should look around for a Childminder. I am nervous about the staff turnover you get in some nurseries and I don't know much about who will be looking after her. Does anyone have recommendations for nurseries in Epsom, or any experiences with Cherryfield?

BrunetteMummy Wed 08-Jul-15 17:22:12

Hi Kirsty3282,

I haven't had any experience with cherry field or a childminder, but have visited the four big nurseries in Epsom. Myself and my partner have confirmed a place at the new nursery, Lynton house for our child. It is gorgeous and has a family run feel about it.

How many nurseries have you looked at?

BrunetteMummy Wed 08-Jul-15 17:23:07

Oops sorry just saw the year this was posted, thought it said 2015!

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