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kate1516 Sat 21-Jun-14 08:05:08


Can someone help me with understanding how childcare vouchers work for nursery? Both me and my husband can get them through work. I believe they are then paid in to a voucher account. Where I am confused is how do the nursery get this? Can 2 people's vouchers be used to pay for one child? Should we be claiming enough childcare vouchers to cover the whole cost of the nursery fees each month through salary sacrifice or just enough to get the tax benefit and then somehow pay part of the monthly fee from the 2 childcare voucher accounts and the rest through my bank account? Seems a complicated way of getting paid for the nursery....


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TheGirlWithTheArabStrap Sat 21-Jun-14 08:13:30

Hi Kate1516, yes you can use vouchers from both of you to pay for one child's nursery. You can both get up to £243 as a voucher per month, depending on your earnings. So if that would be more than your monthly nursery bill you could either claim less as vouchers or save the excess.
If you need more than you can claim in vouchers then you pay the extra direct to the nursery. It's much simpler than I've probably made it sound!

TheGirlWithTheArabStrap Sat 21-Jun-14 08:16:14

Oh and you just transfer the amount you want from the voucher online directly to the nursery account. They will be used to doing it like this smile

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