Some reassurance (and advice) required. 13 month old unhappy at nursery

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Emmylooagain Mon 19-May-14 03:56:26

My son (who is 3.5) really took a long time to settle (I would say 6-12 months) and then he shifted rooms and then was unhappy again. He would sob as I left. He was always fine once I left and now can't wait to get there. They do get through it. So as poster above said, ride it out. I have been tempted to pull him out but it wouldn't have helped. They are going to have to go to school eventually and settle there so might as well do the hard yards now.

PurpleStripedSock Sat 17-May-14 16:38:31

Thanks for the encouragement. I was a me to leave work early on Friday and dropped in unannounced to collect her to see what was going on. Turns out she was smiling, laughing. Clapping in the middle of a small pool of glittery jelly. Ruddy kids, they don't half know how to drive you crazy...

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Dirtymistress Thu 15-May-14 19:44:30

My 2 & a half year old, who has been at nursery since he was 10 months, spent the whole of March and April screaming 'no nursery' all the way there and sobbing his little heart out when I dropped him off.
In May, he has practically run to get there and doesn't give me a second glance.
Your child will be fine, ride it out.
Give it a month.

PurpleStripedSock Thu 15-May-14 19:37:07

Hi mums, I inadvertently spent 11 months attachment parenting my daughter before 'throwing her to the wolves' and sending her to nursery when I returned to work full time.

She was fully breastfed up to the day of enrollment and still is except that I don't express; she just has food and cows milk during the day.

Because of all this I was worried about her settling - she'd never been left with anyone until settling in week - but she coped very well. A bit emotional and grizzly at first but before long she was leaping into the arms of her key worker with big smiles in the morning.

In the last week, she's been waking after her day nap and remaing upset in the afternoon. Having heard the tone of her cry when they phoned me yesterday (I asked then to let me know how she woke), it sounded exactly like all she wanted was a breastfeed...

I work a block away from the nursery and could provide this but don't want to set up something she'll just need to be weaned off again soon.

The pragmatic, sensible side of me believes I should leave it to nursery to try and settle her but the emotional mum side of me wants to run to the nursery with my boob out ;-)

Does anyone have sage words of wisdom?

p.s. she is teething so this may all be related to teething

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