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Montessori on the park - Victoria Park

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Yayaya2013 Mon 12-May-14 12:52:16

We are wondering if Montessori on the Park is a good nursery - it seems slightly more expensive than most in Clapton/Hackney/E5/E9 area as well. Does anyone have any experience? The only review I found in the Internet was mentioning that there is no Montessory teacher with the babies - as only the manager is the Montessory teacher.

My LO turned 1yr 2 weeks ago and we were supposed to start the nursery but after observing the baby room during the settling in period (1 week before I went back to work) I realized that the key worker was not up to the minimal standard i was hoping for, and concluded that i cannot possibly leave him under her care. It was painful to find an emergency nanny and lose more £1000+ with the decision, but I still felt it was the right thing to do.

It seems the nurseries with the Hackney children's centres and Ofsted outstanding private ones have endless waiting lists for babies/toddlers under 2. But the cost of private nanny is impossible to keep up in the long run, so we are still on the lookout for a good nursery.

My first experience with the failed nursery was also due to the fact that I signed up for it seeing only the head teacher - who is unfortunately not the person who will look after my son. If the key worker was anywhere nearly nice as her, i would not have gone through so much trouble!

Likewise - I wonder if this Montessori nursery provides good key workers and diverse educational experiences. Plus a good spoken English and language-rich interactions!

avacat Fri 16-May-14 00:05:02

Have nc'd for this. I viewed it but decided not to put lo there. PM me for more details?

avacat Fri 16-May-14 00:05:49

NC didn't work! But pm me

Tamsyk Mon 16-Jun-14 17:39:49

Hello- I'm wondering the same about Montessori on the park and wondering what your conclusion was? I have a 6 month old and thinking whether it's the right place for her.

ShineSmile Wed 25-Jun-14 12:31:26


I'm also wondering the same thing about this nursery. My LO will be about 16 months when she starts. I would really love to hear from you please.


ShineSmile Wed 25-Jun-14 12:33:35

May I also ask which other ones you considered that were similar? I'm new to the area and really struggling to find a good nursery.

ShineSmile Wed 25-Jun-14 12:46:30

I've just sent you all a PM, hope you don't mind smile x

cshortte Wed 20-Aug-14 07:00:38

Hi, I wanted to pick up on this thread as my baby boy goes to Montessori on the Park. I looked at nurseries around the Victoria Park area when I was 6 months pregnant as I'd heard alot about them being oversubscribed. I viewed three, Montessori on the park, Wentworth and Wetherell. Wentworth looked great, but only does school hours. As a working Mum, the finishing time was no good to me. The facilities and staff at Wetherell seemed below standard. The Montessori had been recommended to me by three Mum friends who I knew from the area and all three recommended the Montessori independently. One is a primary school teacher who praised the montessori highly. They were full for when I needed my baby boy to start, but when he was 7 months old a place became available. It was a 2 1/2 day a week place and I was lucky as I planned to be on mat leave for a further 3 months so had a long settling in period. It's hard leaving your baby with anyone you don't know when they're so small, you are always very critical. I remember I was too as you feel they will never care for your lo as well as you will. I really struggled. However, Miss Yielsen my son's keyworker has been at the nursery for 7 years and looked after another friends baby boy from the same age. She has tons of experience and is now a grandmother herself. She's very caring and nurturing and I felt at such a young age, that was what was most important for my baby. All the staff in the baby room have been there a long time and any part time support staff tend to be younger, but very keen, caring and committed. My experience of both the baby room and other older classes is also positive. Drama classes start in the baby room and go throughout the school, I've witnessed much inventive play in the older classrooms!�� The children spend time on nature trails and playtime in Victoria Park as the nursery sits on the edge of the park. They are encouraged to learn through play and are provided with many homespun tools to support this. The rest of the week my son is with grandparents and myself and we often take him to the play session at the Ann Tayler Centre that has great facilities too. Parents stay with the children during these sessions, but they also offer a nursery here. It is a little out of the way for me, but I know is popular and rated highly (and again oversubscribed unfortunately.) I hope this helps anyone looking for a nursery in the area.

ninaedi Fri 02-Dec-16 15:26:03

My child attended this nursery from the age of 10 months so has been in every room. The staff in each room have been amazing and my little girl was always happy when I picked her up. You really get what you pay for with regards to learning when they get to Pre-School. It's amazing how they teach them, how much patience and energy the teachers have and how much the children enjoy learning. I mean we even got bread that our kids made to bring home!! The food is all organic, freshly made onsite and they don't feed them loads of sugar!
I didn't know much about the Montessori methods before my child went here but it's amazing and I highly recommend this nursery!! My child has now started school andis advanced for her age, loves learning, is independent and very well behaved all things taught at the Montessori on the Park. My little girl always asks to pop back to see her old teachers Miss Natalia, Mr Dorro, Miss BB, Miss Lenka to name a few and they are still welcome to see us whenever we pop in. Fantastic start for your child!!!

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