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Bright horizons St Johns wood or Active learning

(3 Posts)
Happyhappydance Fri 28-Mar-14 12:50:59


Just wondering if anyone has experience with Bright Horizons in St Johns Wood, or Active Learning in West Hampstead or JW3?

If so love would to hear opinions as considering all 3 for my daughter.


Oink22 Wed 23-Jul-14 11:36:36

Hi, just curious if you've made a decision - I'm also looking for a nursery in St John's Wood for a one year old and any advice you can share would be very helpful! Thanks!

meenaljethi76 Mon 15-Sep-14 14:47:23

Hi, I too am considering one or the other nursery. Happyhappydance , oink22- which one did you'll finally go with and are you'll happy with it? Would really appreciate some feedback.

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