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Pre schools/ nurseries in west bridgford nottingham

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lmaz Tue 25-Mar-14 16:40:33

Hi all

I wondered if any of you had experience of pre schools and nurseries in west bridgford? In about 6 months my daughter will get her 15 hours free childcare,however I'm happy to get her in somewhere sooner as she's more than ready for the stimulation. I have her name down for St Giles pre school and Abbey Road pre school as there the most local. Has anyone sent there LO there and whats your thoughts? Or would I be better sending her to the White House or Edwalton private nursery? She's a very active little girl, who needs structure and stimulation and I want to make sure I make the right decision grin thanks all x

Stgilespreschool Wed 26-Jul-17 21:06:28

My advice would be to visit your 4 chosen settings and you will get a feel for which one or which ones are right for your daughter - many parents combine the nursery experience with a preschool which they feel works well. Helen (St Giles Preschool)

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