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Little Elms, Lee, London nursery

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orangeone Tue 10-Jun-14 19:09:11

Don't know about little elms lee, but both my DD are at little elms Sydenham and they are happy there. Staff are lovely and never had issues with food being delivered from crofton park.

EmmaMia Tue 18-Mar-14 12:22:00

Hi all

Does anyone have any kids in Little Elms nursery on handen road, Lee?

Ofsted report is 'good' and it seemed decent when I went to visit. Although food is not prepared on site but delivered from the Crofton site every day and re-heated in the oven.

Just wanted to see if anyone had any positive or negative experiences?

Also it is quite a bit cheaper than other nurseries in the area. Just wondering if there is a catch?!

Thanks in advance

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