nursery PRICES in London

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anka7 Mon 14-Aug-06 12:02:41

Ignore my ''nursery prizes in London'' thread!! spelling not my best feature...

First time mum here and don't have any friends with children, so don't have any idea what are the nursery prices in London.
Would like to put my DD to day nursery when she's 12 months but don't know yet will it be for part-time or full-time.

Any information would be great.

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Mumby Mon 14-Aug-06 12:25:26

My ds (2.3) is in a nursery in Shepherd's Bush which costs around £40 a day (8am-6pm). He does 2 and a half days a week which comes to around £400 a month. I think it was more like £50/day when he was under 2 because of the staffing ratio.

Might be cheaper if you can go for a 9-5 type set-up.

Have heard that £60/day (gulp) is not unusual in some areas.

blueshoes Mon 14-Aug-06 12:26:52

In my area (SE London), where nursery places for under-twos are like golddust, it costs £1,000 per month fulltime (open 51 weeks a year) at my dd's - it is a chain nursery.

Depends on the area though.

anka7 Mon 14-Aug-06 12:38:22

I live in SW London and from other thread (can't find it now) I picked up that this might be one of expensive areas in London. Is that true?

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Marina Mon 14-Aug-06 12:51:51

Could well be anka7. But not necessarily, as supply and demand often takes precedence over property values and/or "desirability".
Like blueshoes I live in SE London and nursery prices here are indeed £1000 per month for a f/t place, even though average earnings and property prices in SE London are lower than most of the rest of the capital
You really need the advice of Mner bubble99, who runs a very small and terrific-sounding nursery business somewhere out your way!
Good luck and welcome to Mumsnet.

DollyP Mon 14-Aug-06 17:41:38

I am in SE London and DD (16 months) goes 2 days a week at £57 per day.

I wonder if we SE London mums all have our babies at the same place?

Marina Mon 14-Aug-06 21:02:42

Quite possible Dolly! There was virtually no choice at all when we were signing dd up (unborn!) but I think the situation has improved a little in my area - and new competition has encouraged the chain our nursery belongs to to finally do some long overdue building renovations!


daysoftheweek Mon 14-Aug-06 22:24:12

Hi around 1000 pounds a month (depends on whether 4 week or 5 week month) but again for one with quite long hours if you can do 9-330 or less much cheaper. Would echo advice re talking to bubble99 her nurseries sound fab (unfortunately not near me).

lemonaid Mon 14-Aug-06 22:33:24

I'm in Putney and the good nurseries are £1250 - £1400 pcm for a full-time place (£57-£65 as a day rate for part time). There are cheaper places but people I know who've tried them have been dissatisfied (with the crap nature of the food at one -- did Jamie Oliver suffer for nothing? -- and with the lack of interest/supervision by staff in another). You do get very good nurseries for your money, but it is a staggering amount of money.

If you are further out Twickenham way then bubble99's nursery always sounds fab.

lemonaid Mon 14-Aug-06 22:34:15

Which bit of SW London are you?

frogs Mon 14-Aug-06 22:47:11

I have a 9am-3.15pm place for dd2 three days a week in a fantastic voluntary/community nursery, and pay £28.50 a day. Looking at the fee chart, the cost for a full day (9am to 6pm) would be £33 per day if you did full five days a week, proportionately slightly more for fewer days. You are expected to help out one session a month, though, and they don't take children under 18 months.

The food is cooked onsite and is fantastic -- the staff take it in turns to cook, and seem to produce really appetizing imaginative food.

So cheaper options need not be worse -- I suspect whether the nursery is run for profit or not would make a big difference.

lemonaid Mon 14-Aug-06 22:56:08

Where are you, frogs?

frogs Mon 14-Aug-06 23:04:28


lemonaid Mon 14-Aug-06 23:07:48

Bugger. Should never have left Hackney for the glittering lights of SW London when I met DH. I'd be... umm... lots better off now.

Really, around here there aren't AFAIK any community/voluntary nurseries that aren't means-tested.

frogs Mon 14-Aug-06 23:25:15

Really? The Islington community nurseries have a certain number of full-fee places set aside, presumably with the intention of making extra income and broadening the social intake at the same time.

And the proper community nurseries in Hackney I think do the same -- hoxtonchick has her ds and dd at Mapledene, and is delighted. Mapledene are notorious (if that's the right word) for doing all the shopping for the nursery kids' mealtimes in the organic section at Waitrose.

The only downside of the voluntary/council kind of setup is that they are less assiduous about catering for parents' well-being than they are about focussing on what's best for the children (not unreasonably, one might think). So they don't go a bundle on the whole 'drop 'em off at 8am and pick them up at 6.30' scenario. Ours is about to shut for three weeks, and doesn't open till the schools go back. Sob. But they do also run an after-school club, and do pickups from three local primary schools, including the one my older two children go to. And it's lovely, all very free-flowing and creative, in a Stoke Newington kind of way.

Don't you wish you'd never moved away?

spudballoo Sun 20-Aug-06 19:26:15

Frogs that sounds fab, I'm in 'ackney too. My DS (about to turn 1) has just started at Montessori on the Park for 2.5 days a week, for an eye watering £500 a month. Bugging because I don't actually NEED 2.5 days, just wanted 3 sessions but they don't offer than flexibility.


mapleleaf Mon 21-Aug-06 09:31:46

If you have a look on and put in your postcode they will give you a list of all your boroughs nurseries, and most say the cost. I too live in SW london and the nurseries are around £50-£60 per day. TBH i'd seriously get your name on a few waiting lists as places at the good ones are scarce.

anka7 Mon 21-Aug-06 12:26:27

thanks everybody, have to start thinking very seriously about nurseries, there's not much time left..

lemonaid - I'm in Wandsworth.

mapleleaf - thanks for that link, will have a look in a minute

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Elakkiya Sun 29-Jul-18 03:29:49

Hi friends...
I just moved in to Shepard's Bush from from... I'm looking for nursery which costs around 500 💷 a month for 2 yr old son... Flexible for any timing... He kind lonely in house... Going to nursery will make things better.. pls help me find a nursery with low cost, as far as I enquired they charge around 1300 to 1500 a month... I can't afford that much

hibbledibble Sun 29-Jul-18 18:54:56

ela for 500/month you won't get a full time place anywhere. You may be able to get 2 half days a week, but unlikely more.

If he is lonely, have you tried playgroups? There are lots in children's centres, and often churches run them too.

Elakkiya Mon 30-Jul-18 11:03:55

Thank you for ur reply,

I just need 3 half day sessions for 500/ month... But as said I'll try play group for the rest of the day

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