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BocaDeTrucha Thu 13-Feb-14 23:03:49

We live abroad and there is no inspection system at all like Ofsted for me to find out about nurseries. DS will need to start in nursery after easter and will be 7 months but I have no idea what criteria to use to decide on where to send him.

We have visited a few but I haven't been convinced by anywhere but I just feel I don't know what questions to ask. Can I really go on my gut feel of the place when I visit?

Is it better to have somewhere near to work or to home? I like the idea of nearer to home for the selfish reason its a good way of meeting new mums in my village , especially as we're new to the area.

Can anyone give me any tips of what to look for?

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insancerre Fri 14-Feb-14 07:38:07

the best way is to speak to other parents and find out where they send their children
then visit a few and see what they are like, and yes, go with your gut instinct
things to look out for-
are the children happy and 'busy'?
are the staff happy and 'busy'?
how do they staff interact with the children?
do the babies get lots of cuddles and individual attention?
will the nursery follow your baby's own routine re sleeping and feeding?
and most mportantly, would you want to spend all day there? if the answer is no, then look elsewhere.
I would definitely go with a nursery near home as like you say, then you can bcome part of the local community, as the children at the nursery are likely to be going to the same schools.

pacificpreschool Fri 14-Feb-14 09:52:37

If you are new to the place, it’s worth searching online for nurseries. Then book an appointment to view a selection of nurseries so that you can meet the staff and see how the nurseries are run. While talking to them you might analyze with their confident in the child care they provide. Bottom line really is the feel of the place. I think you must follow your gut feeling too as it helps you to find atmosphere, the children seemed happy.

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