is it just me or am I too picky!

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gabrielle0307 Wed 12-Feb-14 20:04:54

There are a couple of things that are bothering me with my daughter's nursery.
Firstly I send her with a sippy cup with really weak juice in it. It never seems like its been touched & she spends five hours one day & 10hours the next how can I be sure what she's drinking while at nursery?. Secondly I send pullups with her that until last week they didn't bother putting my daughter in. The last straw was when she was sent home in a nappy far too small that had dug into her sides and legs. They don't seem to be making any effort with potty training as they never say if she's used the toilet.Next I picked her up one day her shoes were on the wrong feet & her cardigan hadn't been put on even though they were playing outside its freezing. I send my daughter with clean clothes but today her vest was soaking wet stuffed and crumpled up in her bag on top of the clean clothes I send her with & they just put her tshirt back on when there are clothes clearly in her bag. Yet again its been really cold today! I am getting really annoyed I expect my daughter to be cared for the same way I do and I am thinking of moving her but will I get this else where?

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HappyTalking Wed 12-Feb-14 20:30:46

You may find they don't use the sippy cup because they provide drinks for all of the children.

The other points you mention do sound a little concerning. I would ask for a chat with your dd's keyworker or the manager and explain to them how you feel.

moogy1a Thu 13-Feb-14 07:23:52

Have you thought of a childminder. You get much more individual attention with the same educational aspects of nursery

colditz Thu 13-Feb-14 07:33:32

You're not too fussy. That's crap.

insancerre Thu 13-Feb-14 08:01:39

have you spoken to the nursery staff?
what is your relationship lke with them?
although they do sound a bit rubbish they are not mindreaders, maybe you haven't made your wishes clear enough

Millionprammiles Thu 13-Feb-14 09:18:35

You're not being fussy. You do need to speak to them though to check if there are reasons for it, as others have said. Eg they may have put on her coat/cardi for playing outside but taken it off inside (my dds nursery is v warm inside). They may give all the children water, not juice (my nursery does).
If she's only at nursery 1.5 days they might not be able to do much in the way of potty training realistically but they should put her in the pull ups you provide.
You might want to confirm what you agree with them in writing. I've always put any directions on giving medicine etc in ann email and staff pin it up on dd's box.
They should at least put dirty/wet clothes in a plastic bag though!

Was the nursery recommended to you by local parents at all?

gabrielle0307 Thu 13-Feb-14 09:58:49

I just want reassurance really that its not just me as i know i am obsessive about things id spoken to them on many occasions about different situations .. I did ask about her cup whether I needed to send her with one or not they said it was fine. They've only just started using her pull ups since she has been at the nursery after the incident of the small nappy digging into her sides and legs which left marks for days. Plus her face seems snotty and full of food when I pick her up i send her with wipes im like can you not spend two seconds to wipe her face. Plus with the toliet training should they use the same routine I do by asking whether she needs to go? I dont want to keep picking & complaining to them & getting to dislike me. There isnt alot of feedback at all about what she's done during the day either I feel the need I have to sit and ask 20questions when I get there even then Its just general answers they probably say to every mother that walks through the door

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TwittyMcTwitterson Thu 13-Feb-14 20:52:54

My dd was at nursery until July. I had similar issues to you and chose a CM was a better fit.

The nursery did nothing to potty train except during nappy changing rounds, they asked her if she needed a wee... So three times a day. What a load of... hmm

Littlefish Sun 16-Feb-14 19:15:44

At the nursery where I work, children are only allowed juice/squash at lunchtime. The rest of the time they have water. This is done on the advice of the Local Authority Dental Health Service. We make this clear to parents before their child starts. If they send their child in with a drink bottle containing squash or juice (however diluted), we save it until lunchtime, and offer them water throughout the day.

Could this be happening at your nursery?

In a group setting, you cannot expect your child to be looked after exactly the way you would. Inevitably, it will be different.

It sounds like a childminder might suit you better.

JellyMould Sun 16-Feb-14 19:22:44

Well, fwiw I don't think you're expecting too much. I've had two children at nursery, and never had them in a nappy that hurt them or clothes that weren't warm enough, and they couldn't do enough to help with potty training. Even made him his own star chart for nursery!

TheScience Sun 16-Feb-14 19:29:27

The sippy cup I wouldn't worry about - most nurseries don't allow children to drink juice and they probably have access to their own drinks there. Maybe ask what the situation is with water bottles/cups?

Not changing wet clothes, not putting her in her own nappies, not helping with potty training - all not good enough imo/e. I have used 3 nurseries now from baby to pre-school age and all of them have managed to wipe faces, ensure children are properly dressed and keep on top of nappies/toileting. That's really basic stuff.

SarahPatricia Wed 19-Feb-14 16:27:55

Honestly I'd leave. She's your little one so you Make sure your happy with her care. CM aren't much more expensive and are much better.

ksrwr Wed 19-Feb-14 16:34:42

i would absolutely sit down and talk this through with them. its unacceptable. its not you being unreasonable at all.

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