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Some advice re 3yo suddenly very anxious

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lizardqueenie Sun 09-Feb-14 22:20:08


I've had some great advice on here before so wondering if anyone can help me again.

My dd is 3.4 has been at the same day nursery since she was 2. She moved into the pre-school room in August last year & settled really well. She goes 2.5 days. A few weeks ago she became very upset at drop off- staff were surprised too as it's unlike
her. Since then she's settled back into it a bit & now is no longer crying at drop off but still seems to be anxious saying she misses me at work & just not looking forward to her day as much. She has a few good friends there although I'm aware they might be leaving soon due to parents moving & starting school in sept.

My dd won't start primary until 2015 so I wonder whether to keep her where she is (there have been a couple of other issues - that I haven't been hugely happy with with the nursery but on the whole the staff are nice, experienced, it's just also not as 'fun' as it was when she was in the younger ones room. I know it's pre-school but still they are only little.

So really I'm asking any ideas on her anxiety at this age or on whether to change her nursery- maybe to a term time shorter day pre-school if I can get my mum to help with childcare?

Thanks for reading to the end of this! grin

lizardqueenie Mon 10-Feb-14 21:02:00

Bumping just in case

aworkingmummy Fri 14-Feb-14 10:53:04

I'm really sorry as I have no useful suggestions at all, but hope you get things sorted out soon.

lizardqueenie Sat 15-Feb-14 21:28:00

Thanks working wink anyone else? <Tumbleweed blows through thread>

babybouncer Tue 25-Feb-14 17:46:49

I feel for you!
If I was in your position I think I would a) make a proper appointment to see the nursery manager to find out more about how she is at nursery and b) look around at other options to see what alternatives there are. That way you'll know how bad the issue is and what you can do about it (if you need to do anything).

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