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Incident forms

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jnl0612 Sat 08-Feb-14 16:15:04

Dd2 who is 20 months goes to nursery full time.
She's been at her current one since July, it's lovely, I really like all the staff and she's progressing amazingly.
Lately I've been slightly concerned about the amount of incident forms and the phone calls to my work about silly trivial "incidents"
I know they have procedures to follow and have to do it but an example is DD tripped over and banged her arm (there wasn't even a mark there) this resulted in a call to me at work and a form home, another one is DD scratched herself on the face whilst they were changing her nappy (again no mark) again phone call to me at work and a form home.
Last week we had 5 incident forms
Is it me or is this getting a bit silly ?
I do understand there are certain rules and regulations but surely they involve actual incidents not the ridiculous things we've had lately

HSMMaCM Sat 08-Feb-14 16:19:21

I understand why they're filling in the forms, but not why they're calling you at work.

CitrusyOne Sat 08-Feb-14 16:19:45

I bet there is another parent who has kicked off about something not being reported to them and so they're going OTT with it now.

breatheslowly Sat 08-Feb-14 16:29:48

That does seem a lot.

I have been phoned twice in the 3 years that DD has been at nursery. The first time was because she drank another child's milk and it was their procedure to call home in case of allergies. The second was to collect her as she was ill (though perked up no end when I took her home).

I get an accident form every month or so. She certainly has more bruises than accident forms (normal sorts of bruised knees etc). I was once a bit surprised that they didn't ring me as another child gave mine a black eye and when I went to pick her up, they were careful to meet me before showing me DD. They said that she looked lots better by then, but she looked pretty awful to me. Probably mostly because she goes really blotchy when she cries.

Why not talk to them about it.

jnl0612 Sat 08-Feb-14 16:36:26

I think you might be right about the complaint, it's only been the last 3 weeks, we have at least 1 at day sometimes 2
I tried dropping the odd, arnt we getting a nice big collection comment and I asked them the last time they called me if it was really necessary to call me but Apparently it is.
To me an incident involves illness or blood grin

TwittyMcTwitterson Sat 08-Feb-14 22:29:56

Must be due to a recent complaint or similar. I got incident forms for everything but only got calls for SERIOUS stuff.

Perhaps tell them what you want a call for, potentially if you say I want to know for x and I don't want to know until I collect for y then you could rid yourself of pestering phone calls.

Id have a mild panic if the nursery/childminder rang me as I expect that means I have to leave now and sort her out. I'd be annoyed if it was petty.

Foxy800 Sun 09-Feb-14 08:48:21

I work in a nursery and we only call for major incidents eg bites that have marked and bumps to the head etc. Incident forms are written for everything though.

I would say they have possibly had a recent complaint and are going overboard to make sure it doesnt happen again. I agree with others talk to them and tell them when you would like a call.x

TheScience Mon 10-Feb-14 20:02:44

I'd ask them not to call unless they need you to do something immediately.

I get calls about head injuries, and accident forms only if there's a mark or they've taken some action (cold compress or something).

MrsKCastle Mon 10-Feb-14 20:26:01

I'd try to have a discussion with them about when you do and don't want to be contacted. I've been using the same nursery for almost 5 years now (DD2 started as DD1 left) and have only ever been phoned if the staff felt that the child needed to be collected. They are fairly careful about incident forms, but even then they're only for marks or if a cold compress was used or similar.

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