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Has anyone got any recommendations for a nursery in Lostock Hall/Preston area?

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ange8179 Thu 03-Aug-06 22:03:30

Hi all,

I wondered if any of you could recommend a nursery for an 8 month old that is situated in the Lostock Hall / Preston area of Lancashire? I am willing to travel for a good nursery, within reason.

Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated as I have been let down last minute by a nursery provider who has double booked my place. The place I need is for 3 days a week.

Thanks in advance.


northender Fri 04-Aug-06 16:42:33

I've got ds and dd at Wonderland kindergarten in Ashton, Preston. It's physically quite small but it's got quite a family atmosphere to it and I've kept them there even though my office is now at the other side of town. The best thing you can do is look round them and trust your gut feeling. All the ones in Preston that we looked at had an open access policy so when you look round they're not prepared so you get a genuine picture. Could rave on about Wonderland but I won't! don't know what the wait is like for the baby room at the moment.

ange8179 Mon 14-Aug-06 21:41:43

Thanks northender... I've been away hence the delay in my reply.


JennT Mon 14-Aug-06 22:01:56

I live just down the road from Wonderland and didn't even look at it! Wish I had. Looked at Busy Bees on Ashton Park and hated it. Wouldn't consider Tinkerbells for reasons I won't go in to but to be fair have not been in. DD goes to Headstart on Herschell St in Avenham. She loves it and so do my neighbours who also send ds.

dmo Mon 14-May-07 14:10:02

wouldnt send my dog to tinkerbells

Lollybuttons Tue 11-Sep-07 16:10:33

Hi Angela
My daughter goes to Townley House on Wateringpool Lane, she only hgoes one day a week but loves it. (Hope this is not the one that let you down)

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