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new nursery policy - if child off for 3+ days - is this true?

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adsmam Mon 27-Jan-14 15:26:19

Hi all
I'm new here I've joined specifically to see if anyone has heard about a new nursery policy, it Involves a child needing to be seen by a professional if they are off sick from nursery for more than 3-5 days. Any help would be appreciated smile

adsmam Mon 27-Jan-14 22:31:51

I'm going to ask for a copy of the policy tomorrow. Thanks for all the replies smile x

adsmam Mon 10-Feb-14 15:06:00

I waited until my sons keyworker was in to ask for a copy of the policy, which was last week, I still havnt been given it, when I asked again today I was told by a nursery worker that the manager would be phoning me, then on my way out I bumped into the senior nursery worker who told me the manager would speak to me in person tomorrow when i drop my son off. I just want to see a copy of the policy, to verify the keyworker was following procedure. Is it right that they have left me waiting about for it for this long and essentially aren't giving it to me?

GreggsOnLegs Mon 10-Feb-14 15:13:35

My brother had the same happen to him regarding my nephew and him being poorly a few weeks ago. They told my brother to take him down so they could see him. My brother wasn't happy about going out in the cold and rain to walk a poorly child to nursery (he doesn't drive ).
They said it was their new policy too.

UriGeller Mon 10-Feb-14 15:18:14

I'm looking into registering my ds for his free 15 hours at Sure Start nursery at the moment. When I spoke to the manager she told me its very much down to us when he comes in, that its "not like school" and that if he doesn't feel like it or needs a break then we just let them know.

I'd be reluctant to take my child into the very place he needed a break from if he was off for a few days, whether he's ill or not.

I would have thought it was up to a health visitor or social services to call round if there was any doubt about the child's well-being. Which is what they're getting at, isn't it?

anklebitersmum Mon 10-Feb-14 15:19:49

Sounds naughty to me adsmam.

There would be no way I'd be carting an ill child to the nursery at their request. If they feel the need to pop round to fulfil policy then fine, pop in & take your chances with whatever germs we are laden with.

Mind you I did throw a HV out once so maybe I'm a bit stroppier than you grin

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