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childcare in putney, london

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sk1986 Sun 26-Jan-14 12:23:20

Hi everyone. :-)
Does anyone know of any flexible nurseries in the putney/wandsworth area? We are moving to putney in feb next year and i have heard that some nurseries can have very long waiting lists, so I thought I could start looking now. My OH is starting a job at kings college next year, and as I'm a nurse, I'd like to go back part time. However, I would be working shifts and not set days like a lot of nurseries want. I could work monday, tuesday one week and thursday, friday the next, and was wondering whether anyone knows of any nurseries that would accommodate that and whether they open at 7 am?
Thanks :-)

TeamSouthfields Sun 26-Jan-14 14:18:54

there's a nursery between wandsworth and Putney that does flexible hours.and days, called 'third door'

panicmechanic Mon 17-Feb-14 23:58:44

They don't open before 745 I think but they are very flexible and nice. Maze are also good. If nursing you might have a crèche on site lots of the local hospitals do

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