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Nurseries in Pimlico, Victoria, Westminster?

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Lorelei353 Tue 07-Jan-14 17:09:38

Anyone use any nurseries in this area? I'm looking at quite a few but finding it really difficult to choose one. It's so hard to know how to judge them.

I've looked at Bessborough, Bright Horizons Pimlico, Busy Bees Westminster and am going to look at Marsham Street and Kids unlimited Chelsea.

I'd really appreciate any info/experience/thoughts.

Jmac83 Mon 12-Sep-16 09:47:52

Hi, I'm starting looking at nurseries as I would love to get back to work. Not been in the area long and wondered if you could give me an idea on how much these places charge before I really start looking. Would ideally want 2 or 3 days a week but just not sure the fees would make it worth while working!

MaraArtie Sun 28-Aug-16 13:36:07

It's great to hear that your are pleased Hbrooks with The Little House nursery so farsmile I wish we could say the same unfortunately, in our case it was not about bread makingsad...Anyway, just would like to also add that out of the three mentioned above The LH has the smallest playground, not to mention the building that evidently lacks investments.

Top-notch BrightHorizons Chelsea!

user1469608624 Wed 03-Aug-16 10:16:37

Hello, thinking of starting to look at nurseries in the west ewell area and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Live up near Horton golf club, but commute from ewell west and we have a car. Thanks

Hbrooks Mon 11-Jul-16 15:51:22

I saw the recent posting about The Little House nursery and just had to reply. We sent my elder daughter there for 3 years and she has loved it. The staff are really thoughtful and caring and the management are hugely supportive to parents. The children go out regularly on visits and do lots of fun activities. My nearly 4 year old makes better bread than I can! Our daughter finishes there in August and will miss it, our younger daughter is starting there and while returning to work is always difficult, it is made much easier knowing she is in good hands. We would hugely recommend the nursery, and have done so to many. We know many happy parents with multiple siblings there, so while it is unfortunate that the previous author didn't like it, there are many that do!

Martahanka Mon 27-Jun-16 11:46:19

Hello mumsnet,

I am a Mum of 4 year old boysmile Just would like to share our experience with local nurseries we have been through recently. We wanted our son to start going somewhere part-time when he turned three. We live in Central London, Westminster area. I personally went to see the local nurseries.

1. Little House Nursery, Pimlico- non caring environment that did not complement our loving approach to our child!(forced to sleeping although clearly stated in the application and while meeting with the staff that our child does not like taking any naps; shockingly saw him crying breathing spasms (the staff called it "little tearful" ) when came to collect him earlier than usual, did not come back the following day after only a few days attending).Sent home in other child' clothes, etc. Admitted later by the Manager that the teachers were not aware of our child' needs which was even more unsatisfactory.

2. Busybees, Westminster- not engaging enough, activities not challenging, found some days quite boring; lack of relationship between the 'key person', child and parent, high turnover of the staff, no individual needs met on number of occasions admitted by the Nursery Manager (left in wet socks, soaking wet trousers or in boots for a whole day although asked couple of times to change making sure there is a spare set of clothing in the bag; teaching independence via putting shoes on wrong feet, etc.) Incompetent, impolite and ignorant present Deputy manager.

3. BrightHorizons, Chelsea- great friendly, professional and polite staff, not to mention present Manager, child engaged and very happy, lots of hands on tactile activities but also activities meeting individual needs. Parents requests listened carefully and promptly incorporated in practise, caring and growing relationship between the nursery, child and parents. Clean, a bit pricey but great nursery, we recommend it 100%

Hope it helps!

Pyra Mon 06-Oct-14 01:04:13

Typo- Room

Pyra Mon 06-Oct-14 01:03:06

Will PM you the price info tomorrow CCmum. Do call them re waiting list since it depends on the roo.

charingcrossmum Sun 28-Sep-14 17:19:19

Hi Pyra, would you mind sharing how much Bessborough's fees are and how long the waiting list is? We need a nursery for a year's time and don't know if we've started looking too early or too late!

Pyra Thu 18-Sep-14 12:15:29

Thanks Lorelei - you have been so helpful.
for others who are following, I'm planning to go with Bessborough... who do have a long waiting list. I liked the feel of it and the outdoor space is great, and it is right outside Pimlico tube station. I visited Marsham Street nursery, but have not seen Bright Horizons yet. KU is too far for us to realistically do drop offs before work, so I'm not planning to visit it to avoid feeling that I'm going with my 2nd best choice :-)

Lorelei353 Sat 30-Aug-14 21:45:59

Sorry. Just saw that this thread had been resurrected. I've just sent this in PM to Pyra but for the rest of you:

We went with KidsUnlimited in Chelsea in the end. DS was starting there at 11 months for three full days a week and we wanted somewhere that didn't have to many babies in the baby room and they didn't stay there too long. At KU they only take 9 babies and they only stay in that room until about 15/16 months then go into the first toddler room. They also have fantastic outdoor space. It's horrifically expensive though.

We did really like Bessborough. DS got a place there (they've a waiting list) and it was a tough choice. We just felt that we wanted DS somewhere smaller. Every baby group I went to in the area however all I heard was how good Bessborough is. It seems to have a fantastic reputation.

Marsham Street just doesn't have much outdoor space which really put us off tbh.

Some of my NCT friends have gone with Bright Horizons near pimlico tube (Moreton st?). I liked the look of it when I saw it too and I know they're very happy with it.

The other one I saw was Busy Bees but just didn't feel any love for it or the staff there.

I really did the rounds!

We're really pleased with KU. DS (now 14 months) loves it and is always excited when we arrive. The administration there is shocking but the care in the room is great and they do lots of creative play and outdoor play. But if we hadn't gone with it, or been able to afford it, then Bessborough would've definitely been our next choice partially because I just kept hearing such good things about it.

Hope that helps but I'll keep an eye on the thread if anyone wants more info.

Pyra Fri 29-Aug-14 23:58:54

Following... I have visited Marsham Street and Bessborough so far.

Mummyteachmummy Wed 27-Aug-14 02:08:36

... for SWEnglish (and me!) Would love to know experiences...

Mummyteachmummy Wed 27-Aug-14 02:07:36


SWEnglish Tue 05-Aug-14 08:34:15

Hi, i am just starting to look around now and was curious about this thread and what you all ended up choosing? How has it gone?

Lorelei353 Sat 25-Jan-14 10:27:06

LI went to the Kids Unlimited in Chelsea yesterday. It's really great and the staff seem really engaged. It's outrageously expensive though so need to work out if we can afford to send DS there.

linsaga Fri 24-Jan-14 17:35:09

I totally agreed with you about busy bees, feels like they aren't on top of things at the mo. Looking at others now....

Lorelei353 Fri 24-Jan-14 14:10:32

What did you think of Busy Bees linsaga?

Lorelei353 Fri 24-Jan-14 14:09:45

I really liked Marsham St. Only real drawback is a very small outside space. Very limited scope for physical activity which is a bit of a dealbreaker for my dh. It seems like a great nursery though especially since Bessborough can't offer the days I want.

linsaga Fri 24-Jan-14 11:37:42

Hi There- So far, I've been to see Marsham Street, Busy Bees and St Patricks Montessori and I would say Marsham Street is the best of the three. Experienced team and nicest environment in my opinion. Which others you look at I think depends on the area you're looking at. Hope that helps.

Cristinac Fri 24-Jan-14 09:55:12

Hello! I am also looking for a nursery for my two DS. I was looking at Marsham St and I was looking if you had any feedback about it. Lerelei, did you have a chance to go? I know you've done the tour through all nurseries in the area. I should have done the same but I will be relocating and I am afraid I won't have the chance to do so. Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated smile

Lorelei353 Sun 19-Jan-14 17:42:05

They're probably my nearest two as well.

I'm going to Marsham St tomorrow.

I wasn't keen on Busy Bees but I'd struggle to tell you why. On paper I loved it and was really excited about going to see it. I just think the woman who showed me around didn't really sell it to me. She gave me very little info about what goes on in each room and when I asked for more info or to clarify things I found her vague at best. I just didn't love the levels of interaction I saw with the kids either, although again, nothing wrong as such. It won't be on my short list.

linsaga Sat 18-Jan-14 22:43:44

just to add- my start daye isn't until late august

linsaga Sat 18-Jan-14 22:40:45

Great thanks. What did you think of busy bees? That followed by Marsham Street would be most convenient for me...

Lorelei353 Sat 18-Jan-14 22:21:32

I'm looking at two more this week and going to shortlist from there. I'll keep you posted!

linsaga Sat 18-Jan-14 21:41:28

I would love to hear what you decided on this and which nurseries you thought were worth a look. I'm looking in exactly this area now for 6 months time....tia

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