Nurseries in N16

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Lensywensy Sat 03-May-14 17:41:06

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Lensywensy Sat 03-May-14 17:40:40

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Kirausa Thu 30-Jan-14 01:27:15

Hi nottheperfectmum,

My daughter goes to N16 Tots and she really likes it. She is very attached to her key worker and she feels confident at the setting. You can have a look to the ofsted report.

She is making friends very easily and her needs are well supported. Her key worker is just great! There is a wonderful communication between her and us so we can encourage her and support her skills as well as work together regarding her development.

They are taken to the local park regularly and enjoy the freedom of real situations (not like being in an close, controlled, small area) and learn how to behave and interact with animals and nature.

What I really love is that staff is lovely with the kids, children feel loved and safe, they know what they are doing and respect the kids and their individual needs, and to me this is what a small child needs.

Management has changed recently and so have few things, but the staff is amazing and very well skilled.

I hope this can help.

Nottheperfectmum Tue 07-Jan-14 06:14:05

Hi, Looking into nursery options for DD, we would like her to start when she is 1 in April this year, we have been on several waiting lists since last June but still had no luck with finding a place. I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about Mini home, fernbank and N16 tots.

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