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Wolfson Court Kidsunlimited (Cambridge)

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manymoredays Fri 13-Dec-13 03:55:16

We are new to Cambridge and looking for a nursery for our new baby. Wolfson Court Kidsunlimited is the nearest to us. Does anyone know if it is any good? I know it was recently rated outstanding by Ofsted, but I have sometimes found nurseries rated high by Ofsted worse than those rated low... Any advice? Should we sign up for their waiting list?

FairyTiggybelle Mon 16-Dec-13 19:22:54

Kidsunlimited, your last 2 posts were deleted, presumably due to you advertising. Tis very naughty.

manymoredays Wed 18-Dec-13 09:26:58

What are you on about? I'm not Kidsunlimited, I am looking for opinions about it. There are many threads on Mumsnet where people ask for opinions about specific nurseries. That's what I was doing and what do I get in response? Charming.

H4rriet Wed 18-Dec-13 11:39:05

Hi manymoredays, I went to visit Wolfson Court Kids Unlimited nursery during the summer and found the nursery very welcoming and really nice. The staff are really helpful and I have called since my visit for more information which they are happy to give, the facilities are also good. I am on the waiting list and hoping for a space for my child to arise.

FairyTiggybelle Wed 18-Dec-13 19:26:43

There was another post after you Many. I reported it as it was a blatant advert for KU.

They don't often get totally deleted!

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