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Does anyone have an opinion on Bobby's Playhouse in Fulham?

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philippabuchan Wed 30-Oct-13 17:06:36

I'm thinking of sending my DD to Bobby's, as I was once a child there. Is it still as good as my mother says it was?
Thanks, Philippa

Mamabear12 Mon 04-Nov-13 15:20:23

I have a friend who is happy with it...but another friend who was not and pulled their child out. I visited it and thought it was okay, but the kids all seemed sleepy and was not happy when the manager said they do not let the kids out when there is direct sunlight in the small outdoor space! It is important for me that my kids get sunlight...esp since there is not much sunlight here and they need the vitamin D!

philippabuchan Tue 12-Nov-13 07:56:46

My daughter is now there and is extremely happy so far! Yes the outdoor space is small, but they have a huge hall and as for nearly 2/3 of the year it seems to be raining, this is great extra space! On the subject of vitamin D, I would be more concerned about skin cancer as I think children get more than enough these days. I can get over the number of activities they do with the children. This week its remembrance sunday and they have been painting Poppies as well as throwing red and green paint and tissue paper around the Great Hall. This was fully explained to be for both the emotional and tactile benefits to the the children. Colour difference, textures etc.. Some very well thought out planning! Relating it to what could be happening in some of their parents lives etc.
Thanks, any other thoughts?

philippabuchan Thu 12-Dec-13 08:23:04

My daughter has been there for a few weeks and she is extraordinarily happy. Not only has she made many friends that we bump into at the park, but as selfish as it sounds, so have I! So far I have only heard good things, the staff want to work with children, which is so lovely.

I walked past the other nursery that I looked at on the Fulham Road, and I saw the staff smoking in the garden with the children running around their feet, and one was even on their mobile phone. But if you looked at their report, you could understand why strong management is important.

Emma Hannay is slightly dotty, but most definitely has the children's well being as her top priority.

TeamSouthfields Thu 12-Dec-13 11:38:07

smoking in the garden with the children??
on the phone.while.with the children??


philippabuchan Wed 18-Dec-13 07:47:23

Have you read their report, I would say many have already reported them.

philippabuchan Tue 24-Dec-13 12:42:32

I highly recommend Bobbys Playhouse. They have just opened a new nursery room. So if you are looking for somewhere I think they still have some spaces.

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