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Nurseries in Sanderstead

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Mkmamma Mon 28-Oct-13 05:35:58

I was wondering whether anybody has any recommendations for nurseries in Sanderstead. I'm moving there soon and will be returning to work next summer when my baby will be 1 yrs old.

I had a look at Fennies on Beech Avenue (ofsted outstanding but was not impressed at all!), fennies on Chrustchurch rd (much better). Though I'd like to check out others and wanted to guage opinions from parents who's children have gone to nursery in Sanderstead (or know people who have sent their kids there). Thanks so much.

MrsPC Thu 27-Mar-14 21:33:06

Hi there. I am currently considering nurseries for my little boy. I looked at Fennies in Sanderstead too and was wondering why you decided against it? Where are you sending your baby? Thanks very much.

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