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Very quiet nursery

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haloflo Tue 08-Oct-13 13:07:27

I found a lovely nursery for my 2 DDs. The manager and staff are caring and enthusiastic. They nursery is homely, warm and inviting. Both children despite clinging to me at drop off are happy at pick up. My toddler (2.6) in particular loves it.

The problem? It's really quiet. They reopened in September after a 2 year closure (the owners husband died and she couldn't work) She decided to reopen instead of selling as she didn't have a buyer. Since September she has 5 kids on the books. There is only 1 other toddler who attends so today when he was on holiday and another baby was no where to be seen, my 2 girls were the only ones there.

They have advertised on FIS. Not on or Facebook. I feel like saying that they are missing tricks here!

I really like it and would hate to see it a) close from lack of funds and b) worry that my eldest isn't getting ready for school in this place.

I think its great for my baby to have a quiet environment but what about my toddler? Do I look to move her when she is 3? Do I speak up?!

mummyzoe2012 Wed 16-Oct-13 22:19:47

Mention places of further advertising to the staff.. they may not be awaire expecially if manager is older lady.

redcaryellowcar Wed 16-Oct-13 22:23:36

I think it sounds lovely, although agree a few more 3 year olds would be nice!

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