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How do I handle this?

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Choos123 Mon 30-Sep-13 13:48:08

Unless you think she's weird in a run off with him kind of way, I'd say that it's nice and you're lucky to have found her, she loves her job, and she genuinely cares about your son. Maybe she tells her family about the kids she looms after, and wants ro show them, may not be sinister. I moved my dd's nursery to find someone for whom it was more than just a job. Is there an explanation like she had a boy and perhaps he reminds her of him, and is she generally a warm person that seems to love the kids? I know it's odd when you see someone hug your child like they hug you, but it is what I want from substitute care.

cookielove Sun 29-Sep-13 12:32:49

Ahhh that is awkward. I've had the reverse smile

We did a match the baby to the toddler photo wall, and the toddler photo of a lo was really cute. I just mentioned to the mum how cute he was and she offered me a copy. Soooooo awkward. Had no clue what to say. I think I ended up changing the subject in the end.

No advice to offer you blush

LePamplemousseMousse Fri 27-Sep-13 15:22:38

I think if there was anything more sinister than affection for your son in her motives she wouldn't have asked his mother, if you see what I mean.

It does sound like perhaps she needs a bit more distance from the kids as she is a professional, not their grandma. Unless you can quantify what your concerns are, inappropriate behaviour for example, I probably wouldn't say anything. Otherwise your just telling the nursery she's very kind to your DS and she made a passing comment about wanting one of the photos. She could have just been being complimentary...

namechangermcnameynamechange Fri 27-Sep-13 15:16:48

I have posted this under a name change as the nursery I use are fantastic they really are.
My son is at nursery, and the staff there are amazing, and he loves them. There is one particular lady who works there who seems to spoil him a little bit (I cant really say how without outing myself, but its all fairly inoccuous stuff).
Anyway, a few weeks ago we bought some pictures in of a family wedding he had been a pageboy at (they have a special little wall for home photos), and this lady saw them and commented on how lovely ds looked ( I know it sounds like boasting but he did look super cute) and she started almost whispering (well saying very quietly) hinting that she would like to either take one home or have a picture of my son.
To be honest this made me feel really uncomfortable and you could see that she knew she was overstepping as she was speaking very quietly, and now I dont know what to do, or if I should do anything. I mean, this woman only works three days a week and she isnt one of his key workers or anything. Everyone there does a fabulous job and he is so so happy, the setting is great and he has some little friends.
So what do I do? Do I do anything or am I overthinking this or do I need to say something. She is a lovely lady and I don't really want to get her into trouble but I am sure that if I did say something then she would be in trouble. I feel so torn.

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