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Should I move my DD to another nursery?

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RubyRosesMummy Thu 19-Sep-13 15:58:40

After spending months finding a nursey that ticked our boxes, my DH and I decided to send DD to a fairly new very expensive nursery 4 days a week. They were awarded an outstanding OFSTED report last July and we got a great vibe from the kids and staff. DD started settling in periods in June and full time hrs end July. She settled really well and has thrived there. We took her out for 2 weeks whilst we all went on hol and upon our return I have been informed (by another Mum not the nursery!) that following parent complaints an OFSTED report was carried out early and last Friday they were rated inadequate!

In conjunctuion with this, the morning before this news broke I dropped DD off to overhear another Mum telling to nursery worker in DD's room that her daughter still had active hand, foot and mouth. Having no experieces with sickness policies at the nursey before I called them later to query this. After receiving conflicting information from 2 staff members (one saying they dont exclude children with HFM and once sayign that they do and they closde down the rooms and deep clean everything) the deputy manager called me back to say that policies have recently changed and that they do not exclude kids with HFM. Im not naive - Im aware that DD will get every illness going at nursery but I think they should have made me aware that there is another little girl there with HFM so that I can decide whether or not to actively expose my DD to it!

In additon, I have also founf out that 6 members of staff (including the nursery manager) have all left in the last 3 weeks (this wasnt actively communicated to parents) which rings alarm bells for me coupled with the OFSTED incident. The nursey tell me that they are mortified with the rating and have actioned all of the feedabck from OFSTED but I just get a bad feeling.

IYO do you think it will be really disruptive to move my DD to another nursery at this point?

Shes only 14mo but all of the staff that shes prev build relationships with have left.

Im a bit torn but my instinct is telling em to move her sooner rather than just 'keeping an eye on it'. She's had lots of accidents since starting there too (admittedly they have all been logged and she had just started walking nort long before starting nursery) but on one occasion she split her lip open on a stair gate which was sited in the OFSTED report as being unsafe.

What are your thoughts? Sorry for the massive rant!

TiggyD Thu 19-Sep-13 20:35:17

The HF&M thing - nurseries follow medical advice which seems to be constantly changing. They could check to see what it is.

6 staff leaving is bad.

Bad ofsted depend what ofsted report said. Check that out then decide.

RubyRosesMummy Thu 19-Sep-13 21:45:43

Thanks Tiggy. Yes apparently the policy has recently changed re: HF& children aren't excluded.

Think I've decided to move her based on contents of the report....mainly around safety hazards and risks in baby room and more than triple the salt recommendations in the supposed homemade food!

Loads of new staff tonight (one with the most disgustingly dirty fingernails I've ever seen), no proper hand over and not following correct ratios.

Think I've made my decision

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