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Which nurseries are good within Canary Wharf area?

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Constancekmcl2 Tue 17-Sep-13 17:39:14

Hi everyone,

I'm doing research on all those Nurseries in Canary Wharf area and just wondering what your thought and experiences for the followings:-

(a) Mudchute Farm Day Nursery
(a- 1) Is this nursery very popular?

(b) Crossharbour Montessori Day Nursery
(b - 1 ) For this nursery, seem they just put an outdated OFSTED report on their website. Because when I look for their latest OFSTED report from OFSTED website ... seems their rating drop ... (o_O)

(c) Lanterns Arts Nursery
(c - 1) Heard from my friend of friend ... saying that it's good but there are pros and cons of the above nursery. And I have just booked a tour to have a quick look next Monday to see how I feel.

(d) Barkantine Community Nursery

(e) My Nursery
(e-1) Heard from my colleague that it's good for her son, but also there are pros and cons when I search for their comment on mumsnet

(f) Limehouse Day Nursery
(f-1) Some mums from mumsnet suggest this nursery ... any updated comment about this nursery?


DragonLady12 Wed 06-Nov-13 14:27:16

My LO is a mega happy one year old baby and doesn't cry at all with any strangers. LO did a two weeks settling period at Barkantine Community Nursery and it was just awful. LO ended up scared, screamish, cries for anything anyone and will not eat any food when there. LO is an extremely good eater, never has problem ever. Staff in babies room do not try to get to know you or your child. They let the younger babies lie on the floor while the older ones all over them. Not interested if my LO is allergy to anythings, no formal paperworks are given to us to read or fill in etc. We surely did not have a good time there and will move LO to elsewhere. Most of all, they do not reply to emails (well you may get a reply in a few weeks!) and they take ages to answer the phone. I would not recommend this place to anyone with babies under 2 years old.

DragonLady12 Wed 06-Nov-13 14:28:39

I will stay off from Laterns Art Nursery too, they give me bad vibes.

FABMyata Mon 25-Nov-13 13:56:18

My daugther goes to Limehouse Arches and she has been going there since she was 6m- full time (5 days from 7.30am-6.30pm), and has been going almost a year. Its great, I am really happy with the care and the girl/ladies who work there have all been there a while. It is family owned and has that homely feel and my LO is very very happy there! She fusses when I pick her up in the evening and she runs to the ladies who look after her. I highly recommend this nursery. They recently had an OFSTED inspection and where given a good review. I guess everyone is different in what they like for me the highest priority was my child was cared for and loved, I wasn't too fussed on things like organic cooking etc. She eats well, plays well with other kids I get a summary every evening on how she went that day, I got recommended places to take her to play at weekends and activities she likes. The staff seem to genuinely care about each of the children in the nursery.

Also we get one of the girls to babysit for her and I know that my LO is look after properly everytime me and hubby go out which is great for hubby and I.

happy to answer any questions if needed!

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