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Montessori On the Park Hackney

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mommy06 Sun 18-Jun-06 22:35:46

Does anyone have anything bad or good to say about the Montessori on the Park in Victoria Park in Hackney?

jennifersofia Sun 18-Jun-06 22:44:07

I (sort of) know someone whose son goes there (owners of the shop A. Gold in Spitalfields) and they have been happy with it as far as I know.

scubamummy Thu 23-Jun-11 12:48:05

bump for this v old thread - anyone have anything to say about it?

MrsDe Thu 07-Jul-11 13:17:58

Hi, yes I send my 2 there (girl 3 and boy 1) and I like it. The staff are friendly and they have both settled in well. There are few downsides (small outside space, layout of the buildings, hardly any light in upstairs room) but overall it is a good choice and about the only good choice in that area.

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