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Should I be concerned?

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Firsttimemum2012 Fri 30-Aug-13 23:06:27

DS goes to a relatively small family run nursery - 36 children - for a good few months, 3 days a week. He generally seems happy there and it was highly recommended by a friend.

The last 8 weeks or so however there has been an accident or incident every week that the nursery has completed a form for. He has cut his head, been scratched quite badly on the face on two occasions, been bitten by another child, suffered a burst lip, bruising to the side of his eye and today came home with a huge bruise on his forehead. He is now one and just stared walking so maybe all this is an age thing but I can't help wondering if the staff are keeping a proper eye on him. The room is not large - with 12 children 3 months to 15 months so he is one of the elder children but not the eldest - and they have a small garden where a couple of the accidents have happened. I have talked to the nursery each time but they say it's because of his age and these things happen.

My husband would prefer him not to be at nursery at all (my MIL wanted to give up work to have him and I didn't want that) and thinks we should move him. As nursery was my idea I have insisted that it's normal at his age but after so many incidents should I be concerned?

cookielove Sat 31-Aug-13 21:09:54

It is a lot of accidents happen, but if he is just walking then its the prime time for accidents to happen. Of course the biting ones are nothing to do with him, but happen frequently in the older end of the range range your child is in.

Its good that the nursery are filling in the correct forms for all the incidents, this will help both you and the nursery resolve these problems, i assume you were asked to sign the forms, did you read through what they said?

You could request a meeting with the manager and go through the forms in the hopes that you may be able to pick up a pattern which could be addressed, although i imagine the nursery may have already done this.

Maybe think about how your child is at home, is he generally a bit unsteady? (of course most new walkers are) does he like climbing? does he often snatch toys or hit out? (this may have lead to the biting incidents) is he aware of his environment or does he plough right through often tripping up?

Now think of how your child is at home and place him in his nursery environment with 12 other children, and only 4 nursery workers (that's the ratio) it is often quite easy for mum to be there to catch them, much harder for a nursery nurse to catch every stumble and trip when she has at least 3 other children in her care.

Of course if you are unhappy with your child's care then move him, but you may end up in a nursery/childminder with just as many accidents.


Firsttimemum2012 Sat 31-Aug-13 22:01:04

Cookie love

That is really helpful. We commented only today that he doesnt always look where he is going - you just forget that at home you are constantly on the ball. I asked the nursery if he had done anything that might have led to the biting and they said not but like you say it's not uncommon at his age group. My DH and MIL are so negative about him going to nursery they make me feel terrible so it's reassuring to be reminded that its quite normal.

cookielove Sat 31-Aug-13 22:17:37

Oh good, i am glad you took my message the right way, i thought it may have come across as harsh blush

Glad to have helped grin

It must be hard hearing all these negatives when you are just trying to do what is right for your lo and your family, working in a nursery has given me a real insight to the ups and downs of nursery,

Your child is learning great social skills
Interacting with a range of ages
Trying new things
Exploring environments and building confidence
Learning everyday
Playing everyday
Being cared for by people who spent time, and money being educated on how to educate/care for your child
Your child will be documented, pictures, observations, photos of child's life at nursery
Making special attachments to other adults (this will help as you child moves into rooms and school, as your child that adults can be trusted and care for us)
Trying a huge range of activities that parents may not know about, or want to deal with
Have their vocabulary encouraged in 100 different ways, from story/song time, to general chit chat at nursery.
Learning that change is good, and can lead to fun things
Learning independent skills

Just a few to keep you going when you hear some negatives, for your family smile

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