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15 hours free - can someone ps explain timescale to me?

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MrBlondesFries Tue 13-Aug-13 08:35:28

Dc1 is 3 years old Nov 2014, when does the free 15 hours kick in?

Thank you.

noisytoys Tue 13-Aug-13 08:36:22

January 2015. It is the term after their third birthday

Bakingtins Tue 13-Aug-13 08:36:51

It's the term after they are three, so Jan 2015 in your case.

MrBlondesFries Tue 13-Aug-13 08:39:12

Great, thank you, so I'd only need to pay for a couple months before it becomes free? That's three mornings a week free and will massively help.

Littlefish Tue 13-Aug-13 18:53:47

Nurseries apply the 15 hours in different ways so you will need to speak to the setting your child attends to find out how it will work for you. For example, they may only offer it in 3 hour blocks.

RobotHamster Tue 13-Aug-13 18:57:11

Its only during term time as well.

MrBlondesFries Tue 13-Aug-13 20:51:42

Ah I see thank you, so out of term time I still need to supplement then?

RobotHamster Tue 13-Aug-13 21:06:02

Yep. Our nursery would let you either just do term time only, or pay the full fee for the holidays.

Check how many hours you can claim a day - ours was either 3 or 6 hours (so 1 or 2 sessions) but no inbetween. It'll depend on the setting

MrBlondesFries Tue 13-Aug-13 22:45:59

Still either way, it's bloody good and getting some free childcare for a few months!

Littlefish Tue 13-Aug-13 23:08:36

You will get the funding for 5 terms as your dc will not start school until September 2016, so more than a few months! smile

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