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Having second thoughts about switching from nursery to childminder...

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Fifi2406 Sun 28-Jul-13 22:59:38

I had such great bonds with the childminders I had and I still see them, I would personally change him because he sounds like a bond with one person is more his cup of tea i think it's good if she has other children so he mixes with others or takes him to toddler groups/activities but I personally loved being at childminders

DuelingFanjo Sun 28-Jul-13 22:52:55

My ds is very attached to two nursery workers, he's two and a half. We're keeping him in the nursery rather than putting him into a school nursery so he will be there a while. I've found that if I speak to him about the other people there and about his friends he finds it easier going in when his favourites are not there. We have a long conversation on the way in about all the things he can do and who he can do them with. Maybe that might work for him.

maja00 Sun 28-Jul-13 22:23:52

Sounds like he is a child who needs to make a strong attachment to one person. Nursery can be quite hard going and does not suit all, especially full time.

At 2.5 he'll get over leaving his friends pretty soon.

grumpalumpgrumped Thu 25-Jul-13 12:42:02

I speak as a nursery manager and as a mum of 2 ds's, I would change him. My ds1 really didn't settle at nursery, was much the same as yours. I didn't move him as I run the nursery and I thought it would look bad if I removed him hmm, I wish I had, I am sure he would have been happier. Ds2 loves nursery and bounds in everyday he goes.

Be prepared for a little settling time and upset initially but I think you are doing absolutely the right thing. Some children just are not suited to nursery.

Good luck. I can remember the stress well, you have my sympathies

littlecrystal Thu 25-Jul-13 09:23:48

DS2 has been in the nursery full time over a year since he was 1.5yo. He is fairly settled, but loves only one staff girl and if she is not there, he still hysterically cries in the morning when left there. When he gets ready for the nursery in the morning, he is always “going to Sarah” (that girl), but “not to the nursery”. Though I always find him happily and quietly playing on his own when I come to collect. To give an idea about the nursery, the nursery setting is satisfactory, i.e. good inside but the outside space is small side, so the access to the garden is limited with time slots and when they are out there, it feels a bit cagey having 20 kids in a small enclosed concreted area. The staff is mostly young and inexperienced, there has been some high staff turnover in the past, but I feel they are making a massive effort to improve the nursery.

Decision to switch to a childminder came after DS2 has been ill on and off for the last few months with recurring ear infections, runny nose and cough. I thought he will benefit from being in a homely environment (it will be full time), get less tired, have more rest, get more one-to-one time and hopefully strengthen his immune system having less children around. I am also hoping that for once he will go into the setting happily and willingly, without screaming every morning.

Are these reasons enough to make the change? My second thoughts comes from the nursery being very conveniently near the train station, not taking annual leave like CM and being cheaper by £20/week, and also worry that he will be too upset to leave his little friends, but I only mean good for him.
It is all hit and miss, isn’t it…
Anyone has done a similar change?

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