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Childcare in Saffron Walden - Local low down!

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Magpie1980 Mon 15-Jul-13 09:49:09

We are moving to the area and are currently looking into childcare for our 2 year old D. She currently goes 2 days a week to a lovely montessori nursery in London so we would love to find something similar.

Love to hear anyones thoughts on Meadows Montessori and St Thomas Moore and any advice/recommendations for any other good local places.

shansunm Tue 16-Jul-13 02:30:20

4 yr 3month son. yesterday evening around 6 pm take kidpred syrup asper doctor prescribe for fever last 24 hrs (temp 101 - 102.2 f). at midnight 12 pm temp at 102 and again it raised. i give kidpred syrup 5ml again and paracitamol 7 ml to my child, then monitoring temp it getting down slowly. early morning 4 am the temprature 93 f only. after wearing the cloths temp goes up at 96 f.

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