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Molluscum contagiosum

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solveproblem Sat 13-Jul-13 16:12:43

DS is completely covered with red bumps, in appearance it looks like severe chickenpox.
I took him to the doctor who said its MC and that even though its very contagious it is harmless and he can continue going to nursery.

Nothing can really be done and these bumps will go away without treatment in the next 12 - 18 MONTHS!

I'm a bit worried about what the nursery and other parents will think about this? I've had the all clear to send him by the doctor but it looks horrendous. Has anyone got any experience from this?

grumpalumpgrumped Sat 13-Jul-13 19:49:35

We see it a lot in nursery, They shouldn't bat an eyelid.

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 13-Jul-13 19:51:45

Dd has them all over her bottom. No doubt every time she uses school loo the next child is at risk, bu no-one seems to care.

NarkyNamechanger Sat 13-Jul-13 19:52:18

I wouldn't be happy if my child caught this from him at nursery. You need to keep him in long sleeved tops/trousers to minimise contact if he must go back to nursery.

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 13-Jul-13 19:53:14

Bottom and tops of back of thighs.

JaquelineHyde Sat 13-Jul-13 19:58:10

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

ReetPetit Sat 13-Jul-13 20:17:43

i would get a 2nd opinion personally and if another doctor agrees its MC and he can go to nursery get them to write you a letter.
i think narky has a point, i wouldn't be happy if my dc caught this at nursery either and would expect it to be covered as much as possible.

i have never seen MC widespread which is why i would suggest getting him seen again. one of my ds had it as a toddler but only had a couple of spots on his arm and i always covered them, wouldn't have occurred to me to think it was ok not to tbh!

solveproblem Sat 13-Jul-13 20:28:14

He's got them absolutely everywhere, on palms of hands, in the face. bottom, arms, legs... Nowhere is not covered by these.
I will definitely get a second opinion as I'm not sure myself he's got MC.

If the next doctor agrees this is what it is I cannot afford to keep him away from nursery until it goes away as I have to work. And to be fair he probably got it from there in the first place. I will cover him up as much as I can though.

ReetPetit Sat 13-Jul-13 20:32:54

sounds more like chicken pox tbh! hope you get it sorted - would be easier if it was cp, at least its over and done with quickly!

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 13-Jul-13 20:34:18

Well I can't cover my dd's. It's impossible. I'm surprised the whole nursery doesn't have it by now.

JaquelineHyde Sat 13-Jul-13 20:37:36

DS1 had it on his legs and arms for 2 years so I suppose I should have kept him covered head to foot for all that time hmm

DD1 had hers on one arm and on her hands, so I should have forced her to wear gloves to school as well. hmm hmm

This is completely harmless, does not need any treatment and will go away on its own (or you can squeeze the solid white head out if you don't want to wait).

Vanity is a horrible trait to teach children.

ilovepowerhoop Sat 13-Jul-13 20:38:27

it doesnt sound like molluscum as that normally starts in one area and then spreads rather than all appearing at once. When did it start to appear?

hpa says no exclusion period

solveproblem Sat 13-Jul-13 20:42:58

He woke up with a rash on Thursday, I took him to the GP who looked very confused and brought in a colleague to look at it. They couldn't figure out what it was and I told them the herpes simplex virus is going around nursery.
They said that that was probably what it was and gave him anti viral medicine.

The medicine didn't help and the rash got worse so took him to out of hours this morning, this doctor sounded very certain that it is molluscum c.

Surely if it was chicken pox at least one of these doctors would have sussed it?

MrsWildermac Sat 13-Jul-13 20:43:14

Zinc and caster oil...slather it on morning and evening and it'll disappear in a couple of weeks if its MC!

ilovepowerhoop Sat 13-Jul-13 20:48:11

it is not molluscum then if it came up suddenly and he has lots of spots at once. I would get another opinion.

Yawner247 Sat 13-Jul-13 20:51:24

My dd had that when she was four months it cleared up really quickly hope it does for your lo too!!

ReetPetit Sat 13-Jul-13 20:59:50

it doesn't always disappear on its own!! i have heard of friends dc having them removed at hospital. one had to pay privately as her daughter had a single one growing rapidly on her face and another had her ds one cautirised....

JaquelineHyde Sat 13-Jul-13 21:06:44

solve it doesn't sound like MC to me, I would get another opinion on it.

SisterMatic Sat 13-Jul-13 21:10:41

Could it be a sort of eczema? You dont normally get MC on palms of your hands.

SisterMatic Sat 13-Jul-13 21:12:26

Could it be eczema herpeticum? Has someone in the class got a coldsore for the herpes virus to be going round?

solveproblem Sat 13-Jul-13 21:12:52

I should have said se probe to eczema and this rash is worse were he had previously had eczema.

Will definitely get another opinion on this!

solveproblem Sat 13-Jul-13 21:14:28

SisterMatic: that is what the first doctor suggested, the antiviral medicine is not helping though .

SisterMatic Sat 13-Jul-13 21:15:25

If he already has eczema, and herpes has been going round, then it could be eczema herpeticum. Poor love.

If you Google EH does it look similar?

SisterMatic Sat 13-Jul-13 21:16:47

Antivirals will lessen the outbreak but they wont stop it if I recall correctly. It will take a while.

solveproblem Sat 13-Jul-13 21:18:49

SisterMatic the doctor said the antiviral wouldn't help the existing spots get any better but stop him from getting any more. But they still keep coming...

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