Nursery or CM for 1yo?

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littlecrystal Fri 19-Jul-13 11:46:11

I chose nursery for my DS2 when he was 1.5yo as it was cheaper and I wanted him to socialize and be more stimulated, anyway. It turned out after a good year (he is now 2.7yo) that he likes playing on his own, uninterruped, moreover gets overtired and as a result, often falls ill. I am changing to a childminder now who will provide quieter and more relaxed home enviroment.
So it really depends on your child. And remember, you can always change if things go wrong.

philbee Fri 12-Jul-13 11:50:36

Tbh she has to fit in with DD1 a fair bit already so we do the school run twice a day, she does nap in the pushchair a lot of the time etc. The cm up the road has said she has space for her, so I'm really happy and I think we will go with that. I know her and have seen her at countless groups and know she's very kind and attentive to the children she looks after. We will just have to work the holidays out, but DD1 will be around too so we'd need to do that anyway. Thank you for the advice. I feel like it's clarified what my priorities are with this and what I'll feel happiest about for DD2.

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BackforGood Fri 12-Jul-13 11:40:36

I love the fact that my CMs took my dc out and about every day - yes, up to take the big ones to school, then they'd have a little play in the park on the way back. Sometimes they'd go to a CM's group (in effect, like a parent and toddler group). Often they'd go to a shop or the post office and do all those things that they would be doing if at home with me, except more than I'd have done . I love the fact that the older children would like to play with them when they came in from school - like big brothers and sisters, (but nicer wink). I love the fact they could do things a lot more on impulse, not having to rely on shifts and staffing ratios (as they are in ratio all day, wherever they go). I love the fact that by the time dc1 started school, he was familiar with the playground and the faces of the staff and he'd been into assembly many times, and he'd been along to sports day to cheer on another mindee.
Fab environment.
Ultimately though, as Mandy21 says, all CMs aren't better or worse than all Nurseries - you have to go and meet the ones with available spaces near to you.

TinyTear Fri 12-Jul-13 11:16:26

I chose a nursery as the CM i met would have taken the baby in the pram most day while doing the school run and activities for the older ones, she was even supposed to just nap on the pram around everyone else's activities...

At the nursery she has friends, is more sociable and learning to share - while is hard to convey to an only child at home

philbee Thu 11-Jul-13 14:04:06

Thank you - lots to bear in mind. There is a lovely cm round the corner and I'd have no worries about DD2 going to her at all but she's term time only. We could just about do it with help from grandparents (and DD1 will also be off then so perhaps not much difference). There is also a nursery a bit further away where lots of friends' children have gone and really enjoyed it. DD2 is on lists for both these. But once I get into other CMs or other nurseries it's a bit harder to tell and I feel less sure about them or how to judge really as they don't come with so many recommendations, or I don't know anyone who's used them. But I guess it will depend on how she develops as well, which I don't know yet!

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Mandy21 Thu 11-Jul-13 13:05:06

Its not really a question of childminder v nursery – its a question of which is the better option bearing in mind your family situation, whether you have access to good childminders and good nurseries etc etc. In my view there are a whole host of considerations – can you find a brilliant nursery / brilliant childminder? Thats the first thing – even if you want a nursery, but then find Mrs Perfect Childminder, that trumps a nursery imo. Similarly if you initially thought you wanted a childminder but then found a fab nursery, I'd do that. Its not a question anyone can answer without knowing the options you have and what you need. Do you need certainty of care (i.e. would it be a disaster work-wise if the childminder phoned in sick?) Is your baby partial to picking up coughs and colds (if so, nursery might mean she is 'off' more which means you'll have to find cover), do you want her doing lots of age-specific activities or be in a group of potentially mixed age groups, would a childminder be doing the school run (collection / drop off – would your baby be spending a large part of the day in a buggy / car seat doing all that), do you need unusual hours (that a nursery possibly could accommodate), do you want your baby to stay in the same childcare until school (can a childminder / nursery offer what you'd want for a 3 or 4yr old, as well as for a baby now), if you have another child, could the nursery / childminder accommodate him/her? Would you be using childcare vouchers (and would a childminder accept those)?

I chose a nursery for my 1 year old, but that was my personal preference based on the nursery and our needs as a family (no back up so needed certainty of childcare).

jellybeans Thu 11-Jul-13 10:20:11

Good childminder. Out of the 15 or so in my local area, I would leave my DC with only 3 of them though so you need to ask around and watch them at toddler groups etc to see them at work.


philbee Thu 11-Jul-13 10:13:43

I am torn between a nursery and a CM for DD2. Can anyone advise about what would be better at that age? DD1 was pretty outgoing and sociable from an early age, although no guarantee DD2 will be, so she may enjoy the bustle of a nursery, but I get worried she may get overlooked. Otoh I worry about not knowing how a cm is treating her as they'd be on their own.

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