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Greenwich nurseries

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MrsRAK Tue 09-Jul-13 11:58:18


We're starting the search for nurseries and would be interested in peoples experiences (good and bad) of nurseries around Greenwich - Teddies, Springwell, Robert Owen or others...

Many thanks.

jkklpu Tue 09-Jul-13 22:22:19

Did some research 7 years ago so not sure how up-to-date any of this is. Visited Teddies and it felt cramped and smelled bad. Has the advantage of being right next to the Pleasaunce, but you can probably go their yourself at weekends. Got a pt place for ds1 at Robert Owen but there was an incident during settling in which mean we pulled out - one of the staff lifted a toddler up high in the air by one wrist to lift him over some kind of wall/barrier. I spoke to the manager about it to explain that we didn't feel comfortable and she was only mildly concerned. Eventually managed to get a place at my work nursery in central London.

I learned in this experience, apart from the fact that we should have started looking before ds1 was even born, that gut instinct is really important: if you are not completely sure about a place at the beginning, you should go with that feeling instead of feeling guilty/doubtful ever after.

As I say, this is all a long time ago so others are likely to have more relevant comments. Have you thought of posting in the local site area?

MrsRAK Sun 14-Jul-13 19:42:09

Thanks for the reply. Have to say I wasn't that keen on Teddies even though it seems popular. We've moved from a different area so maybe it's just that I had got used to our old nursery, but it was much nicer and cheaper!

Ilovegreenwich2014 Wed 12-Mar-14 16:55:51

We do not recommend Springwells Nursery. We visited the nursery end of last year 2013 and I was not keen on it but circumstances meant that we had to go with them as we couldn't get into our preferred nursery. Once we started at Springwell it went from bad to worse where we confirmed first hand the poor quality of staff, facilities, and management. Make sure you read the latest Osfed report where nursery was rated Inadequate.

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