moving into surrey and need my son to change preschools

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ReetPetit Mon 08-Jul-13 09:30:03

Call the local education department and ask them which school nurseries have places - I would think at his age a school nursery class would be more beneficial in preparation for reception....
or if you want a preschool - call the local family information service, they may have info on where have places although I think most September places have been allocated now.
Good Luck!

Camomileteaadict Sun 07-Jul-13 17:12:58

My son will have completed his 1st year at preschool at the end of this term and then we will be moving from Kent to Surrey. Does anyone know of any good preschools or nurseries that have a space for him in the south farnham area? He will be 4 in November. Also does any one know of any preschools or nurseries we should avoid? Help needed asap! thanks

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