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Advice on Asquith Hendon Day Nursery

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twinkywinkie Tue 25-Jun-13 14:50:30

Hello, I'm looking for advice/first hand experice on one of the 2 Asquith branches in Hendon, the one close to the Hendon tube station called Hendon Day Nursery.
I'm wondering whether or not to register my LO to go there once he is 1yo. I met the manager and she seemed organised and nice and I know there is a 2011 Ofsted report rating it outstanding, but after visiting I have had a bad gut feeling and didn't find it exactly what I would imagine an outstanding nursery to be. The place looked a bit "sad" and the children in the baby room particularly unsettled.
What worries me the most is the lack of parent webcams, the lack of hygiene due to carpet on the baby room floor (rather than a wipe able flooring) and the fact that in the baby room there is more babies than cots. Some babies will sleep on the floor in the room?? I also got the impression that other than one carer who had been there a few years, the other 2-3 carers seem to keep changing.
Last but still bugging me, in the 2011 ofsted report there is mention of a freestanding electric heater in the toddler room that needs removed as it is an hazard. Well in spring 2013 it was still there!
Anyone has any first hand experience at this nursery? If you are/were a parent at this nursery how did you find it, in particular the baby and toddler rooms?

Thanks for sharing your experience

twinkywinkie Thu 27-Jun-13 11:17:46

Sorry to post again and bump this up, really no one who knows this nursery??

Thank you

bamboostalks Thu 27-Jun-13 11:21:17

Well look you sound unhappy with it. What do want someone else to say? If your gut tells you no, then that is it surely. What are you looking for, a reason that the heater is still standing? Ofsted are not a golden guide, most of us know that, your impressions are much more important. Look elsewhere.

twinkywinkie Thu 27-Jun-13 12:35:39

Wow bamboostalks! Really that bothered? I'm asking because despite my bad gut feeling I recognise it is a feeling developed during a 30 mins visit and not by the experience of having a child in that nursery. I don't have the arrogance of thinking that my first impression/ gut feeling is necessarily right, so yes I am still asking if someone has a real first hand experience. Also in Hendon this is one of the 2 nurseries, not many too chose from, therefore before I start looking further and making work commute (hence hours for LO in nursery) even longer, I wanted to know if maybe I got it all wrong, or right!
Sorry it ticks you off!

Finchley2013 Thu 27-Jun-13 17:56:02

I don't know of this particular one but my little one is starting at magic in finchley central, I have a few friends with babies there and they are all very happy, there is carpet in the baby room, but with babies learning on crawl they would slip on the floor! The cots are in the same room but behind a divider, the children seem to get use to the noise of the others if sleeping at a different time so I'm hoping my lo with just adjust! They've had a recent ofsted report too and all very positive! Good luck! smile

WouldBeHarrietVane Thu 27-Jun-13 17:59:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bamboostalks Thu 27-Jun-13 20:47:26

Good grief. How rude are you? I kindly replied to your thread as no one else was interested. I gave you my honest opinion about how one might choose a nursery. You clearly want someone to come on and say it is tip top. No I am not bothered where your child goes to nursery.

twinkywinkie Thu 27-Jun-13 21:16:30

I'm not rude, but your message sounded very sour! And I am definitely not looking to hear it's tip top, unless it really is in someone's experience.

dldl Sun 28-Jul-13 22:06:23

I have visited both the Asquith nurseries in Hendon. I know parents who send to both.

Personally I had a bad gut feeling about the other branch - Hill Park. The manager's English wasn't amazing at the time (this was a while back though - it's 2 years since I did my original research) and I didn't feel she knew all the children. She kept telling me about children's physics development! Anyway, the place didn't grab me. The baby room there was more of a glorified childminder and I didn't think it would stimulate a baby once they were that bit older. I think they have now created an interim room for once they are starting to walk but don't quote me on it. One person I know who sent there from 0 -3.5 yrs were really happy with the care.

As for the Hendon Day Nursery (right near the station if that's the one you're referring to), I have only heard good things. I was very impressed when I saw it (again my initial visit was about 2 years ago when the staff in the baby room were more permanent). The manager is lovely - all the kids know her and she knows them too. There was a buzz to the place. They have a fantastic music session. The facilities are great. I don't think you can match them in the local area. Strictly shoes off policy in baby room because of the carpet. Babies don't all sleep at the same time and not all babies are full time so won't need a cot. When they move up to the toddler room they sleep on sleep mats and it is only the bigger children who will be put on a sleep mat but each child has their own designated bedding that gets washed. So no wouldn't personally bother me as a hygiene issue. Someone I know raised a small issue with them about something minor and it was dealt with in a very professional way.
Ask the manager about the heater in the toddler room - I'm sure she'd be open and honest with you about it.
People rave about the baby room. Like you say, there are very few options in Hendon. Perhaps ask to look through some of the learning journals of kids who have been in baby room and are now in toddler room.
However, a gut feeling is a gut feeling. Maybe go visit again. Ask some questions, ask if they can put you in touch with some parents.

Trust your instincts though - can't advise you otherwise but perhaps visit again.

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