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Looking glass nursery, soon bright horizons Tooting bec

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aminasal Fri 14-Jun-13 21:40:03

Hi everyone,

does your child go to looking glass on mcmillan way, very close to the heaver estate?

We might be moving to heaver and am looking for nurseries close to tooting bec station, generally heaver estate and if need be on the way to or close to balham station.

any tips much appreciated.


mervynmouse Fri 14-Jun-13 22:01:14

Not sure what it's like now but Looking Glass had a bit of a factory feel when my DS was nursery age. In the area I would suggest having a look at Abacus, branches in Streatham Hill and Balham and also Toots in Tooting Broadway. My DS went to Streatham Abacus and we still look back fondly, lovely family feel but this was few years ago so worth doing a few visits locally.

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