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Dreading dd going to nursery!!!!

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EastbourneGal Mon 29-May-06 11:33:26

I've started trying to introduce my dd, 14 months to nursery 2 afternoons a week, as Im hoping to go back to work in Sept and wanted her to have plenty of time to settle in. Her first day went fine...a 4 hour session. She was very happy to see me when I collected her, but kissed her key worker goodbye etc. I was really pleased.
However, 2 days later, when I took her for her next session, I was called after an hour to come and collect her. She was hysterical and couldnt be calmed. She'd got her self so worked up, that she threw up all over me when I arrived (She makes herself sick when she gets that upset!) I took her home, and the nursery staff have said we will try again tues, but Im gutted....and really anxious about what tomorrow will bring. Any advice on how to make the transition easier for her. I want her to enjoy her time there, not become distressed.

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