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Moving Up in to Nursery School - Gifts for ladies in Baby/Toddler Room

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KnockMeDown Thu 16-May-13 12:56:00

Hi there - I am very fortunate in that DD goes to an absolutely fabulous nursery. They have a 0-3 room, and then move up to Nursery School, which DD is about to do.

The ladies who have looked after her in the Baby/Toddler room have all been so lovely, I would like to do something to say thank-you, but wanted some advice. A nice gift would be good, but I would need to purchase quite a few. They run a paired keyworker system, and due to maternity leave, DD has had several. Then there are the ladies with whom relationships have naturally developed! They have really all been so lovely that I feel quite tearful about her moving up!

A big bunch of flowers, or a big box of chocolates, and cards - would appreciate any comments from any of you who work in nurseries - what sort of thank-you gifts would you appreciate?


ReetPetit Thu 16-May-13 14:45:39

i would get them something each - maybe a voucher each/bottle/nice bouquet of flowers for the current keyworker/s and then a smaller gift - maybe nice bath stuff for all the others - and a card for each of them, of course.

dribbleface Thu 16-May-13 16:38:30

Some lovely words in a card, mentioning people specifically always makes the staff day! We had a parent write a lovely poem once (if you're creative!)

Hand cream is always a winner - we wash hands a lot, or wine - some days we need it wink

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